Are our rivers drying up?

Over the last several years the world has been changing so much and apparently our rivers are drying up.

But also we must not forget that our needs are also increasing every day. With the population increasing the needs have also increased.

There are buildings being built. There is food that is being grown and then there are green grass lawns that need more water than it is needed to grow crops.

So, save water and grow more trees that will help get more rain and helps the underground water table.

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2014-10-08 10.01.55.jpg

Many years back when I heard that the water in Cape Town, South Africa would be finished by 2020 or so, I thought it wasn't as crucial as it was.
Now in 2019, we know what is happening in Cape Town. The town has limited water supply and the people are suffering.
This is going to happen in India soon. In many cities, and when it happens it is going to be really really tough.

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