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Sometimes law, sometimes order.

7:51 is the time on the computer clock, because it hasn’t auto-updated. We’re in Wisconsin right now. My dad died yesterday morning. He wasn’t a fan of capitalism’s interpretation of law and order, where the law worked only for those who owned the labor of others and the enforcement of order was only used to aid them in their continued exploitation of the resources of the world.

We knew good cops, but we knew that they were good in spite of being cops, not because of, and, in fact, when it became clear that they were good, it generally meant that their careers were at an end. We live in a broken system. And, if I try even a little, I can blame that system for his death. It’s useless to do so, and sure, he could have made different choices, but there was so much support no one else was giving to the people who needed help, that he over-worked himself. I mean, maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe even if he’d been taking it easy for the past ten years, he’d still have died yesterday. But statistically… people who take it easy live longer. He tried to help everyone. And everyone needed help.

Maybe if we had a system that didn't give so much to just a few people, and provided more for everyone-

It's all too late now.

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05.10.2019 03:21

Yeah but he died helping everyone, no better way to go! Maybe dying was his good Karma for helping them? I'm sure he is happy now. It's never too late, the only thing too late is TIME!

05.10.2019 06:42

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06.10.2019 09:30