How Steem works will change for the worse for most of us if we don't stop it! Important for newbies and oldies alike!

Hopefully you already know HF21 is in the works.

I think, and many accounts of middle and small sizes agree, the proposed changes for HF21, in particular the part labelled EIP, are going to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

We have very little relative power, but we should all do what we can.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, comment below and I'll go into more detail.

If you do, or even if you just blindly trust me, see this for the action you can take, and pass along this information to anyone who will listen:

Set @tcpolymath as your proxy (or do the research yourself). It probably won't work, but if we do nothing, it DEFINITELY won't work.

Tell everyone.

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please explain further

09.08.2019 05:36


The way rewards are distributed is going to change in what is known as Hardfork 21 or HF21 unless the witnesses reject it.

Witnesses are the people we elect to run the software that Steem runs on. Currently, the witnesses in charge want to move forward with a change that makes it so that the posts worth less than 16 steem ($3 in today's prices) are worth even less than that so that the posts that are worth more than $3 can be worth even more than that. Since very few posts by middle-size and small accounts are worth that much, but most posts by large accounts are worth that much, it will essentially funnel rewards into the pockets of the users who already have more.

In order to oppose this, users like @tcpolymath and me are voting for witnesses who oppose HF21. We encourage all other users to do the same. The easiest way to do this is to set us as a voting proxy, but if you have the time and passion, you can and should do your own research. If not, though, @tcpolymath is a trustworthy fellow, and it's worth setting him as your proxy.

09.08.2019 05:48

It won't take that name as a proxy for me. Can you just list the witnesses who will vote "No?" Thanks for this, I hardly post any more, between the bots and the downvote brigades and now they are going to reduce my puny rewards.... I feel like I have better things to do.

09.08.2019 12:19

Do you have keychain?...if you do it works good assigning him as a proxy.

09.08.2019 14:04

I do not. I have fallen so far behind all the apps and changes and such, I just do not really fit in around here any more at all. I realize a lot of folks are loving the changes, it is taking all the fun away for me. I like simplicity lol!

09.08.2019 14:19

If you love simplicity then you'll love the keychain...the hard part is installing it as I am not computer literate nor do I trust myself to be making the right choices but I made it through it and it has simplified being on here quite a bit. It holds all your keys for you and you use a password to open it to authorize it to use the key needed for whatever purpose you need a particular key for. Granted I keep my password written down as I wanted to make a difficult one but it sure beats the old way of digging for them when I needed them and deciding which one I needed to use. Now there's a little set of keys at the top of my screen, I click on them, put in my password and away I go. It's well worth the time installing it.

10.08.2019 06:27

I will tell my husband about it, he does some apps and stuff. I literally have no apps on my computer or phone, just do not like to mess with that shit lol! I treat my computer like a typewriter and my phone like a PHONE, just a PHONE... remember when you could leave the house and your damn PHONE did not follow you everywhere you went?! Oh, the good old days... LOL!

10.08.2019 11:51
1, one of the reason I am not updating my phone until it dies, you take it everywhere and my addiction to blogging would have me blogging everywhere I went.

11.08.2019 05:00

Lol! I finally had to upgrade to one that I can get online with, but I just refuse. I have done it a couple times when traveling, find restaurants and such. It helps that I am quite nearsighted in addition to needing bifocals so I can't read anything on there anyway!

12.08.2019 01:00

Huh. I dunno why. @drakos is the closest to being in the top twenty, so I think is the most important anti-hf21 witness to vote for.

09.08.2019 15:03


09.08.2019 16:34

unless he read the comments and updated his bot it isn't going to work.

There is a yes version and and no version. So all of the witnesses are going to have to upgrade one way or the other.

I think @Drakos has confirmed he is a No.

09.08.2019 05:41

I'll check in with him and make sure he's reading his comments.

09.08.2019 05:50

Like improv says, it votes any version of 20, including 20.12. So as people upgrade it will continue to vote the 20.12s and not the 21.0s. I don't think voting the 20.10s makes any real difference except as a point when they upgrade to 21 and lose the vote.

It's not like we're at any real risk of getting anyone other than Drakos into the top 20 anwyay.

09.08.2019 14:23

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

10.08.2019 14:30

steem price is red

12.08.2019 06:40