Sunday Tea Tiem Tiffin Challenga - Original content by @impresions (part-398)

If you are from Asian Country the then you are very well aware of Puffed Rice (muri), and Crocket ( Chop). Those are the very popular food here with a cup of tea or coffee in the evening time. It enrich the test of your mouth. Just come a word from your mouth (aaahh haaa ). If you are bored and want to refresh yourself take these puffed rice (muri) and Crocket (Chop) with a cup of tea or coffee definitely mind will be refreshed.




I tried these on this Sunday from our local market. And its cost around Rs. 5 (Rupees Five ) each only. You can take 2-3 easily. You can give it to your family members and children as a Sunday Tea Time tiffin.

Place I have taken those photos on Road side Food Stall.
Place: Kolkata, India
Device used: mobile camera

Now give your important comments. Is it okay for you. Need your valuable feedback. It i very important for me.


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