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Partial view of the Acropolis Museum in Athens historic center. Where you can enjoy fascinating time-travel. A very interesting architectural approach for this modern structure in the middle of antiquities. Undoubtedly one of the most important museums in Europe, what is exposed in a fragmented mode is part of what you can see a few steps away. Long story short, what is missing in the original structure, you'll find it just a few meters from the eternal Acropolis, in this museum... well, not all pieces of art and ornaments that have been stolen once upon a time, important fragments of Parthenon, for example, are still far from their real place, but this is another story. The Acropolis museum is a perfect time-travel gate I strongly recommend to visit in the case you are in Athens - Greece.

This image is a detail of an original photo I took a year ago. I wanted to create a nice banner for my website but finally, I like this image as it is and maybe I'll use it as a banner for my steemit blog, not sure though...

Here is the source of all items exposed in the Acropolis Museum. You see the remains of the symbol of the occidental civilization. The major part of the destruction was caused by hordes of barbarians of all kind. Acropolis has been looted several times in the past, but the meaning of Democracy and free speech and choice are forever printed on the architectural wonder that expresses it. If you are in Athens, the first you should do is to visit this archeological site, just because it's not only archeological... somewhere it is the symbol of a political reality applied in the everyday life except the aesthetics parameter which has never been reproduced since... As about the author of this post, he feels very high and proud when visiting Acropolis and reading the phrases engraved on marbles 2500 years ago understands almost everything. This is proof of continuity and tradition. I speak Greek, modern Greek, but I understand without effort the meaning of a phrase written in ancient Greek. Notice that I haven't studied ancient Greek language... just the elementary knowledge I got in highschool times... Notice also that the alphabet remains the same for the modern Greek language.

This photo was taken a few years ago nearby Athens historic center. An architectural gem waiting to be restored.

These are the wounds of the city of Athens. Wounds that make the urban landscape bleeding. This is the collective negation of beauty and goodness, a phenomenon largely expanded all over Europe last decades. Brainwashed populations tend to choose the depressive and ugly choice for living and evolving. Hence, architectural monsters are dominating everyday life. This monstrous urban landscape contributes to the shaping of a homogeneous human masse that serves the needs of the world masters. Let's think a bit different for just a fraction of a minute. Let's think, where is better to live, in a skyscraper, some hundred meters from the soil, isolated in a box made from iron and glass or in some house like the one above (restored), in perfect connection with the reality of the neighborhood, and surrounded by some trees?

The entrance of the architectural gem. A door with character and style. Catches attention still despite the destruction effects...

A black and white composition. Frozen motion. Athens center, wired sky, traffic, and gray perspective.

This photo was taken last year (I think) during a photo safari in Athens downtown. It is included in the #citytheory collection.

The old glory of the neighborhood, still a beauty for your tired eyes... I took this photo some months ago just for the urban nature that is growing heroically in the middle of the cement chaos.

Playing with shadows and darkness beyond the light. Last year's composition created from an original photo taken in summer 2018.

The reality of darkness is ruled by the use of light. Stay enlightened for understanding and controlling the darkness. - Alien Oracle -

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