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Create, manage & track your resume and job applications


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Hello hunters here and there,

I present Ceewi to you today, which was created to help with job applicants. You can create and manage your Curriculum Vitae on the platform. You can also monitor your job application status. This will create a merit and stress free job application process for you thereby reducing unemployment amongst us.




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06.09.2019 15:30

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06.09.2019 15:36

This platform provides the best way to create your resume and apply for jobs in one place. So job hint I just got easier .nice hunt

06.09.2019 19:01

This seem to be a fantastic app which tracks complete progress of job application since cv creation and till the end of the outcome. Nice hunt

07.09.2019 01:00

I know how disturbing it is a for job seekers to know the progress of their job application and this app shares complete information which gives peace of mind. Awesome hunt

07.09.2019 01:08

Very helpful though. Sending countless number of applications to different organization might be one heck of a job to do. This way the whole process is simplified

07.09.2019 01:38

this can be done on any job portal and probably has been live for at least 10 years. and merely creating a cv doesnt reduce unemployment.

07.09.2019 05:36

Great idea behind this app. , can give solutions to some problems maybe you have with all that stuffs, upvote from me

07.09.2019 07:06

One of the most important step when looking for a job is to create a CV that stands out therefore i really like this website that helps us to walk through the process to create a professional looking CV that we can save or print at any time in addition it's free but if users need unlimited resumes or additional features templates then they have to buy the pro plan. Cool Find

07.09.2019 07:50

its very difficult everytime that we submitted resume ( curriculum vitae ) to many companies and then we forget where did we send and why so this would help us alot

07.09.2019 09:47

It's a well known proverb that first impression is the last impression. In job industry your first impression start with CV, So, good Curriculum Vitae is necessary to impress the employer. Ceewi is a great gift for ueemployee. It's not only helpful to create your CV but also helpful to manage your CV like merit creating,application status etc. Nice hunt

07.09.2019 10:46

heh, cool BIgdee very nice hunt ;). people think sh is spam now see from where we can find such useful and cool things? steemhunt is the only platform where you can see a lot more new and innovative applications and software. Love this web application would be cool enough for all applicants.

07.09.2019 10:48

Interesting! However, for applying a job or interview we need to manage our resume well and properly so this would be a great solution for everyone to manage and track their resume for jobs nice find will try it soon thanks for sharing

07.09.2019 12:56

This seems to be a useful app. Bookmarked.

07.09.2019 13:30

Aham!! This platform is really worth to use for those who are hunting for jobs. They really need to track the job status. This would be a great help for those.

Nice Hunting!

07.09.2019 14:04

Nice application creating job application could be useful because searching jobs this make it easier for people whose finding news jobs.

07.09.2019 14:22

There was a huge debate on twitter earlier this week concerning paying as high as 15k Nigerian currency for resume review. I consider it lazy and unnecessary from the job seeker's part when apps such as this are available online and virtually for free. Nice hunt bro

07.09.2019 14:31

This is beautiful
In time past, people just applied for jobs and didn't know how their application went...

But with this app, anyone who applies for job can easily track their application as they apply.

07.09.2019 14:41

@imbigdee, what a cool hunt. I've been looking for something that is simple like this to help me create great CVs and resumes. And this is great to use for job applications and making things easier for me to key in my experiences. Great hunt.

07.09.2019 14:59


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