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Hello steemers,

We came to this world for a short period of time, right? We have to make sure we are getting optimum use of it. If we asked an adult, “what is your favorite and most memorable period of life” the answer will be their childhood. Now I’m 25 years old and I also missing being a child. Even I am grown up, my works are sometimes very childish. Don’t laugh right. I am serious. Kids these days are not like us. I mean they are very intelligent than we were at that age. However, one of my little brothers lives near my home. His name is Sisulu Ranumitha and he just turns to age 4.


Sisuru with Chocolates

Since we are staying home with this Covid-19 pandemic situation, he usually comes to my home every day. Since he is still in preschool, he always talking about the experience he gains and the crazy things done by him. Actually, we can not stop laughing sometimes by listing to those things.


Sisuru with Monti uniform

Since I also have a lot of free time these days I can not miss the opportunity to go back to my childhood memories by staying time with him. He likes trains a lot. I taught him how to go like a train and he loves it. And he always asks me to show train videos. He went to Badulla by train recently. That’s his first time. That’s why he is very curious about it.


Sisuru Train🚂

Have you ever played the snake board game? Those days I loved to play it with my brothers and sisters. I recently purchased this board game and we play this game quite often. When we go high in this game, if a snake bites us, it feels very sad. When I meet a ladder it feels very happy. The winner has to get 100 points to will by tossing the cube.


Sisuru playing Snake board with us

Another thing we like to do is “kam kam muru”. Since there are lots of kids around my home including my little brother like to do this regularly. I am the person who commands these kids and they have to do whatever thing I ask very fast. The first person who does the task right wins. Other ones punished by me. There are two methods for punishment, Hot water, and cold water. When the punishment is hot, it is very intensive. Cold means little punishment. Whenever happens it is very hard to stop this game after it started.

Screenshot 2021-04-08 153636.png

Sisuru playing kam kam muru

I am pretty sure you also remembered your childhood memories also by reading this article.

Thank you. See you again.

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It reminds me my little cousin. He is also saying funny stuff..

Oh ho.. he is a cute little train then.. adorable

08.04.2021 12:43

Those little mouths have no limit😹. Imantha ayye kochchiyak pennannako... Okqy google, play train sound... Oka thama katema thiyenne🙊

08.04.2021 13:08

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08.04.2021 16:10

Thank you❤️

08.04.2021 16:28

Another thing we like to do is “kam kam muru”.

Wait what! Until now I thought this as "kan kan buuru" 😑😅

Btw, it's a nice article.

08.04.2021 16:46

Kan kan buru wendethi affa. Matath hariyata mathaka ne🙊😬

08.04.2021 17:33

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10.04.2021 14:35

Thank you very much for your support❤️

10.04.2021 16:31