The Abstract Art of Smiling Girl


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I created a result of new creation. The theme of my creation is about "The Abstract Art of Smiling Girl". Why I take a title/a theme about it because it refers to my girlfriend who is very beautiful she is. Her name is Siti Nurhalimah, S.Pd who is very loved by me. On the picture, i add the new creation with the nature and the building. You could see from my creation that it consists of the variations, including "nature" and "building". Oke let's see the explanation about the additional creations.


》First (Theme of Nature)
The nature theme means that my girlfriend (a girl on the picture) is from a village. She lives in the village which is far from the city. She is an religious girl who has good character.


》Second (Theme of Building)
The Building theme means that my girlfriend had graduated from the a very outstanding university in Tasikmalaya, West Java. She is a genious girl who could finish her study with the best pedicate, namely cumlaude title. Moreover, she is a girl who gets the best Cumulative Achievement Index on the faculty of education in Siliwangi University. Wow it is amazing, is'nt it?.


Therefore, we could conclude that the variations of these themes mean that the girl can adapt well with the surroudings of the city life without avoiding her good village characters. She is still religious between her friends' life.

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What do you mean?

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Thanks for it my friend and i always support you

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Nice picture and by the way your girlfriend is very beautiful and i like it

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The steps are understood by me that we should be creative to make the good result

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