Whose number are you dialing?

Whose number do you dial when face with difficulties?
Whose number do you dial when you are depressed?
Whose number do you dial when they seems to be no hope again?
Whose number? Whose number do you call?

The question can still go on and on,whose number? But is not the question that matters but the ability to answer the question matters.

Most times when we believers encounter one difficult times or the other,we lost hope and start looking for who to talk to, request for help, and seek advise. But this morning I want you to know that you can't have a father who is alive and still be running to your uncle for help anything you have problem, no it can't happen.

The first person that comes to your heart after a depressing or stressful moment will be the person you will call first. Oh how I wish it is Christ, if it is Christ then you are not going to be depressed or stressful anymore because with Christ stress becomes stress free and depression becomes impression.

Always dial God's number first when you past through the valley of darkness because as Christ children we will sure experience darkness but don't lost hope just call Him and He will always answer you.

Ways to call on God

  1. Reading your bible, when you read your bible all the time,you will discover hidden things about God and your blessing will be in abundant. Like I read the book of numbers, I had a very different revelation, God knows them by their names, so He also knows me by my full name. Call on Him while reading your bible.
  2. Prayers: when you pray you are communicating with God, and communication is done in two ways the sender and the receiver so when you talk to God listen for His response, sometimes He is responding but we are still praying. When you call Him in prayers, listen to know when He picked up so that you will not be wasting your credit.
  3. Have faith and believe: have faith and believe when you call God because He will answer but your lack of believe and faithlessness will make it seems as if he is not responding to your call. Have faith when you call God and believe it.
  4. Be you: always be you, don't try to be like someone else so that you won't be find wanting and requesting for what you don't need. You are not in competition with anyone so be you and take life slowly and God will always answer you when you call.

Stop dialing wrong number, call on God and your life will never remain the same.

Happy new week friends
I'm @imaluv54
I love you all.

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Impressive to have this read from you sister @Imaluv54. Thank you for sharing this edifying piece to #sc-n. We must learn to call on God for He is always on tje alert to hear and answer us.

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