Lord with you I'm saved 😃

God you are the maker of the universe
You are my creator
You have been my Redeemer
You have been the solid rock on which I stand
You have been my strong tower, in you I'm save Lord
You have been my shell
You have cover me with your wings, in you I find rest, in you I find peace of mind, in you Lord I'm secure.

God you have been the bread 🍞 of life, I feed on you Lord
You have been the living water 💦 that quench my thirst
With you I'm fill Lord
With you I have no worries
With you I'm save Lord
With you I have rest, with you I have peace of mind, with you I'm save Lord.

Lord thank you for been my shell
Thank you for been my comforter
Thank you for been my Redeemer
Thank you Lord for been my solid rock
Thank you Lord for with you I'm saved 🙏 😃

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