What Is the Meaning of Emojis?

Emojis are excellent for showing the feelings that you necessarily don’t desire to write. They are also good for replacing brief messages, therefore, allowing to not only enhance our typing speeds but also convey the message in a more visual way.

There are more than 1500 emojis available today, while you don’t have to remember the meaning of all those emojis, knowing the significant ones will help you communicate better. Therefore, if you ever needed to know what an emoji meant, here are all the emoji meanings that you should remember:

Happy face Emojis

  • Smiley faces

Smiling Face and Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes are the most common emojis. They only express happiness or positivity. Occasionally, they may be used following a criticism or an insult to eliminate some of the stings.

  • Other smiley faces

These smiling faces are similar to the two more unadorned smiley faces and can be used in the same way. Still, they are usually used to express higher levels of happiness. A message with one of these emoji will generally be very positive. They are rarely used with criticism or insult.

  • Smiling Face with Open Mouth and Cold Sweat

It shows happiness similar to other smiling faces, but there’s also a part of relief. Messages using this emoji usually show joy at how a potentially adverse event worked out. For instance: if you share a message describing that you just passed a hard test, you could use this emoji.

  • Tears of joy smiley

This is used to show laughter or LOL. If someone sends you something funny, you can respond with this emoji.

  • Smiley with sunglasses

It shows coolness! Like the “deal with it” gifs.

  • Flushed Face

It reveals embarrassment for an awkward mistake or situation. It is commonly used self-deprecatingly as a reply to compliments.

  • Delicious Face

People use this to express their emotion about food. It can be used in anticipation for a tasty meal.

Flirty Face Emojis

  • Smirking Face

this emoji has strong sexual undertones. It usually follows sexual innuendos or suggestions.

  • Winking Face

it shows that the message was sent with humorous intent. Any word that follows a Winking Face should not be taken too seriously.

  • Stuck-Out Tongue Faces

These emojis are used mutually with Winking Face to show humor.

  • Relieved Face

Relieved Face is, intended to indicate relief. However, it is frequently used to show peace or calmness. It can also be used to display a certain amount of innocence.

  • Holy Face

It shows innocence or decency. It can be used sincerely or humorously. For instance, when messaging your buddies on a Friday to explain that you are staying for the night.

  • Devil Face

These can be used conversely, although because one is smiling and the other is pouting, they can also be used to show subtly different things. Both show mischievousness or naughtiness.

  • Heart shaped eyes smiley

This emoji shows love, gratitude, or adoration. It can be used towards a person, situation, or thing.

Negative Face Emojis

  • Blank Faces

These show a severe lack of emotion. They may be used to indicate that someone is unimpressed, awkward or indifferent.

  • Unamused Face

This emoji is used to show disapproval or suspicion. This emoji doesn’t show true sadness or anger, but rather a negative emotion. For instance, if you are unhappy or suspicious of someone’s excuse for why they’re late, you could send this Face.

  • Face with Cold Sweat

It shows stress or hard work. It typically refers to a particular situation. For instance, messaging your wife to explain that you have to stay late at work would justify this emoji.

  • Sad Faces

These are the two main sad face emoji. Both carry a sense of sadness, regret, remorse, disappointment, or any other negative emotion.

  • Cold sweat, sad Face

It is mainly used to show hurt or fear rather than disappointment.

  • Crying Face

Crying Face is alike Serious and Disappointed Face. It presents a stronger sense of hurt rather than overall sadness.

  • Crying out load Face

This emoji is a stronger version of Crying Face. It shows upset, pain and hurt. Unlike the other sad faces, it is often used ironically.

  • Worried Face

It shows shock, horror, hatred, and fear.

  • Tired Faces

These emojis show tiredness still they are usually used to represent world-weariness, stress and being fed up as well.

  • Sleepy Face

Sleepy Face is sometimes used to represent tiredness. Instead, it shows that the sender is unwell or sick.

  • Sleeping Face

This is used instead of Sleepy Face to show sleepiness, tiredness or similar. It is hard for a person to send a message when they’re sleeping.

  • Confused Faces

These emojis are used mutually to show confusion. Confused Face is also employed to show embarrassment or an apology. For instance, if you have to cancel plans, you might add this emoji at the end of your message.

  • Face with Look Of Triumph

This is one of the most misused emojis. It is used to show frustration or anger rather than triumph.

  • Angry Faces

They both show anger, with the red Pouting Face, is the more potent of the two. Unlike Face with Look of Triumph, they are rarely used humorously.

  • Persevering Face

It shows fatalism or stress towards a situation.

  • Shocked Faces

They show trauma, horror, and disappointment. They are usually used as a subsequent version of Pensive or Disappointed Face.

Other Face Emojis

  • The monkeys

See-No-Evil, Hear-No-Evil, and Speak-No-Evil Monkeys are used to show trauma, shock, and embarrassment. Each specific monkey is used based on the content.

  • The poop

It is nearly always used humorously. It shows how the sender feels about something.

Hand Symbol Emojis

  • Thumbs up

It shows agreement or acceptance.

  • Thumbs down

It shows dislike, rejection or disagreement.

  • Ok hand sign

It shows satisfaction, acceptance, or that everything’s ok! It can also be used to show that something is small or tiny.

  • Victory hand

It is more often used to represent a similar peace symbol. It shows relaxation, coolness, or satisfaction.

  • Raising hands

This is more generally referred to as Praise Hands, is used to show appreciation, support, or celebration.

*Folded hands

This is usually used to show or pleading or prayer. This emoji may accompany a request for a favor.

Heart Emojis

  • Red heart

Red Heart is the classic love heart emoji. It is used to show love, passion, or any similar emotion.

  • Colored Hearts

they are all similar to Red Heart, though, the target of their affection is usually related to the color of the heart.

  • Broken Heart

Broken Heart is the ultimate definition of sadness. It can also be used ironically.

What is your favorite emoji? Which one do you use more often than the others? Tell us in the comments below.

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