Restricted & Unrestricted Internet in Pakistan

This is my entry to this contest where I am highlighting restricted and unrestricted Internet in Pakistan. What we are facing being a Pakistani? Here you go,

Pakistani Population is using the Internet since 1990. We all are using the Internet in English by default. Most of the people don't want to use it in the local language. By words, we are living in the 21st century but still, we are having some restrictions on Internet use. We have Internet freedom to use a plethora of websites except few which should be unrestricted w.r.t blockchain. The Crypto is not a welcome thing in Pakistan by the Government who is strictly against the crypto world. I'm sure crypto won't be allowed in the next few years in our country. Still, some of us are using blockchain inaudibly. I would like to share some restricted Internet first.


We wanted to use the Internet part which is completely restricted by the Govt. laws of Pakistan. We are restricted not to use Crytpo Blockchain or creating any type of coin on the top of the blockchain. Here I am sharing two major sites that we can't use.



We are allowed to use the number of major social media websites and its apps, unlike China. We can use FB, Instagram, and many more social media apps except Telegram. This app is banned by the Govt. of Pakistan due to certain reasons. Mainly the reason is that Govt couldn't access your encrypted chat through this messenger app. This is why they won't let us use this app for the good of country. Though we badly need to use this app if we are working on the Blockchain or have a connection with the Crypto world. We can download the app but unable to create an account on local numbers. However, there are many ways to use the telegram app legally. Many of us are using the app with the help of a VPN and SOCKS5.


Bittrex is coming in the top 10 crypto exchanges which are completely banned for us. Actually, we can open this site and create an account by verifying our identities but now our country is in the blacklist this is why Bittrex doesn't work for us anymore. We asked to move our digital assets to any other exchange before 29th October 2019 which we did. Binance is the most trustworthy exchange after Bittrex so we moved our assets to this exchange, don't know when they restrict us not to use this exchange as well. Crypto isn't allowed, so all these exchanges too.


Pakistan is at number 4 in the world of freelancing, with a 47% growth rate. All of the freelancers are earning in dollars, which is an international currency that demands a bank account that can accept dollars where PayPal is leading overall. But we don't have permission to use PayPal this is why we all are using Payoneer for the payment so that we can get converted them into our local currency later. There should be a PayPal service so everyone could be able to transfer and accept the International money in a secure way.


Thankfully, we can use the Steemit blogging platform, which is not restricted to use nor allowed. Apart from Steemit, we can explore numerous websites that are pretty helpful for us. Students can get the data for their studies, freelancers can earn money as per their skills, people can make Videos to show the image of our country to the world, and many more things which we can do easily by paying a few bucks per months.

We can only appeal it to the Govt which is restricted but important for our growth. We also wanted to grow faster and accept the new change as early as possible even before other countries so our Govt should take steps and think about what is good and bad for us. Why we are allowed to watch Pornography? Is this all necessary for the young youth to watch this dirt? The Government of Pakistan should take a step against such evil activities to restrict and focus on bringing the most important things in our country.

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I think the governments of this world and not on the side of the people, they restrict access too much. All the things that are good for the people the government clamps down on, and I think it is because they are afraid of the people.

14.11.2019 16:53