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Corn, corn, corn: Today I want to show case how I harvested, cooked and my corn from my garden 08:06:2021.

Hi my beautiful people here, I welcome you to read and see with me on how I harvested my 🌽. I'm glad to be here expressing how it all happened, thank you for lending me your previous time, happy reading.





Corn, corn, corn: This is the season of corn in Igbo Land and all over the country Nigeria. We're now enjoying the arrival of corn, whether you planted or not.

That's to say we that planted will harvest our corn , those that didn't plant corn, can buy from the market and also enjoy the goodness of corn.

After harvesting the corn I brought them home and cleared the chaff or the back, washed them and arranged them in the cooking port before cooking them.


When the corn were very well cooked in the fire on the gas cooker, I brought the port down.

It is time to enjoy the rich goodness of corn with my family members.


Thank you very much for your time and patience to read from my post. Have a nice day.

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