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To all my friends i hope that you will be fine and well.I am also well and fine.Today am posting my diary game into the great community steemit activities.Amd the admin of this community is really a very popular and well educated person.
So lets start my diary game:


I wake up early in the morning and then I go for a walk and after some time I came back to home and I took brakefast.After doing this My friend called me for the enjoyment on the tubewel.


After that when I come to the Tubewel and the water I found is very cold And then I wash my face with this water.I really enjoy this moment and really like this tubewell.



After some time my big brother told that to wash his motor bike.Then I washed the bike and this is also very joyful so I really enjoyed this moment.

After that I began to taking bath with my some friends.The water was very cold and clear so it like to be very joyful.I and my some friends play the game in the water.

So after talking bath in the tubewell.Then I came back to home and then I see the man of my village who was working in the corn fields.He was working hard in the huge sunshine.
It is really a a hardworking work which is not even easy for everyone.

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  • Your photography is exceptional. You are doing your best. You have to stay here, so that you may get good reward.
27.05.2021 06:18

nawazish sir g

27.05.2021 07:45

Nice attempt
beautiful photography


Thanks for sharing your post

28.05.2021 01:57

bohht shukriya sir G

28.05.2021 06:01