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Heloo Steemians Freinds!

Greetings from me to all the people of Steemit. I hope you will be well. And you will be living a good life. And I am also fine, Alhamdulillah. Help us to read the Qur'an. And we should all obey our parents. All this is the result of their prayers. Today we have reached this level. If we respect them the way they raised us. His head should never be bowed. Hopefully we will all follow it. And now I move on to my post.

I got up in the morning like before and went to the mosque to pray and prayed with the congregation. Then I went to Keith to read the Qur'an and go for a walk. And there are many benefits of exercise. Yes, it does not cause laziness and sluggishness. Man is protected from diseases.

Beautyful Sun Flower


When I was walking back, I saw some sunflower flowers. And I like these flowers very much. Its oil can also be extracted. They ripen in the sunlight. They are very useful and their seeds. I like to eat. Its flowering part is red and its lower part is green. People grow it with enthusiasm. When the sun's rays fall on them, they look very beautiful and at that time they I'm glad to see how cute it looks now. Their skins are so cute.


Beautiful Flower

And when I took a few steps forward, I saw these flowers on the door of a house. They are often on the walls of the house, they look very beautiful, they don't have flowers. Often they are also called ghatri flowers. I also like flowers very much. They are all a marvel of nature. Its leaves are some green and some red.



I hope you like these flowers. You will like my post and you will appreciate my post.

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Beautiful photography
Nice presentation


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Thanks so much sir!

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