People Hate Winner - The Only True Leader

"People hate winners, but I don't," writes Kevin Dunn in his new book. If you're one of those people who finds yourself thinking along these lines, I'm happy to inform you that I have a confession to make: You probably are. So let's get into this book and find out why. It's all about leadership.

That's right; if you're not a winner, you're not going to like this book. You'll probably be thinking that this is an attack on winners and that is, sadly, a false assumption. After all, what do leaders who claim to hate winners even do? What do they claim to be doing when they claim to love and honor winners? If people really were out to get winners, surely they'd support the opposite view point, wouldn't they?

The reality is that there are some who claim to love and honor winners while there are others who are out to get rid of them. Those who want to eliminate winners are not really interested in making the world a better place or improving anyone's life, is their whole point. They just want to see someone else lose. Doesn't that sound horrible? Well, it's even worse when you consider that the quote is taken from the Bible and that the person who said it was a loser.

So, let's assume that you don't actually hate someone because you didn't win. That still doesn't make this whole article a hate fest, does it? That's right. If you really believe that this quote is true, then you can stop reading now. Because if you don't want to read articles like this, you don't want to read anything about leadership or any other aspect of life in general, for that matter.

Still, is it wrong to claim that there are people who really are and those who are only saying this to manipulate or divide the population further? No. And why would anyone claim otherwise? There is only one answer to that is; the only true leader is a leader who is honest to himself and everyone else involved and he is dedicated to helping his followers or fellow workers at all times.

Now then, if someone wants to claim that they hate someone because they aren't a winner and that they only wish for others to be winners, well, why not? Is that really not what the quote is talking about? Someone who wishes for others to be a winner and not have to put out any effort to accomplish that, someone who just wishes for the world to be his oyster? You bet it is and this is the reason that so many people end up with such horrible leadership.

If you're going to waste your time trying to become a leader or create any sort of organizational chart or anything else, why not spend it on leading by example instead? What I'm trying to say is that you should avoid any type of leadership quote and especially one that talks about leaders having to prove themselves, because in reality nobody ever does. People only see the actions and this is why you should do the same. So instead of wasting everyone's time trying to explain how you are so great and then never seeing any results in the end, just simply do something simple and go out and create the greatest work/life balance possible.

So instead of reading these quotes on what to say and do when you disagree with someone, why not simply refuse to agree with whatever they have to say and do everything in your power to never do that? Have you ever thought of doing that before? What do you think now? Do you hate to lose or do you hate winning? Think about that for a second.

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