Is Humility Weak Or Strong Proof That One Has High Self Esteem?

There is one question that always crops up in my mind about the topic of whether or not being humble is related to the strength and evidence of high self esteem. I find that to be a very difficult question to answer, but I think I can do it in my opinion.

Humility is a state of mind where one is not arrogant, self centered, self-critical, and self-critical. It is a state of mind where one knows when they are wrong. When one knows when they are wrong, it is because their own logic has not allowed them to see things objectively and rationally.

The more one allows himself to be wrong the more likely he is to make mistakes, therefore the more chance he will be able to learn from his mistakes and correct them. That is one of the strongest proofs of high self esteem, which is the ability to make mistakes, correct them, and move on.

The most important thing to remember about being humble is that being humble does not mean that one does not have self-esteem, because if one has self esteem he will be humble as well. It is only a lack of confidence in oneself that prevents humility, and when one has confidence in his abilities, they are able to live with the self-doubt that usually accompanies high self esteem.

I was once talking with a person whose self-doubt was the major issue in his life, so we had a long conversation about this topic, and I kept trying to talk him out of it and convince him that it would just be something that would go away over time. And this individual in the end decided to make an appointment with his pastor. It was interesting that he had not taken the time to talk to his pastor before this appointment. But then I did not see this as being an indicator of his lack of self-confidence, because it was the pastor who had convinced him that he needed to make the appointment with his pastor.

One of the reasons that I believe that this individual's pastor had convinced him to get an appointment with his pastor is because they both had been convinced that their pastor would help them with their issues that were related to the lack of confidence that they felt in themselves. This person was convinced that their pastor would be there to help them with his prayers and guidance, and would help them with their weaknesses, and their failures.

If that pastor had not been there for him, then one could easily fall into the trap of not being self-confident and having low self doubts in one's self esteem. And this person would then fall back into their current situation of feeling bad about themselves and having low self esteem. And they would continue to feel bad about themselves and their shortcomings.

I personally do not think that being humble is the same thing as having low self esteem, I do however believe that it is a symptom of having a problem with self-confidence. And because of that I believe that being humble is not necessarily a sign of weakness, but it can be a sign of the presence of low self confidence.

I have been studying many different styles of leadership over the past few years and one of the styles of leadership that I really like to read about is leadership training, and one of these is the idea of mentoring. One of the other leaders that I have studied is a spiritual father of mine that I met in a church who taught me that a man who lacks in humility can become a man who is well balanced by being humbled and being a man of honor and integrity.

I have known people whose self-esteem was so low that they were so insecure that they would do anything to avoid being around a person that they felt might be jealous of them. And then their lack of self-confidence was so extreme that they would not even be seen in a public setting that they would not even sit in a public place, for example at a dinner table.

I am not a religious person, but I am an agnostic, so I would like to ask this question, if we are to believe that humbleness is an indicator of a person's self esteem then why wouldn't it also be true that someone who does not have a good degree of integrity can also be very confident in who they are, and do well in any given area? Because when you have a low degree of integrity your self esteem might be very high, so I wonder if that is the case with those individuals that are not grounded in their humility. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this.

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