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Hi everyone! I am @ifight and this is my introductory Steemit post. Born in Namibia from the aboriginal Damara tribe, one of the oldest tribes in the country with a quite significant population of about 100,000 people. I am a retired journalist and ardent content writer photo/videographer. There has been a substantial effect of digital journalism and media on the newspaper industry, with the creation of new business models. Many newspapers and veteran journalists have been forced out of business because of the popularity of digital journalism. I didn't generally mind as the approach of advanced news coverage likewise open new doors for us, for example, composing as consultants for online writing programmes from the solace of our homes to score some passive income without doing a lot, that is the reason my username.

While there’s no label that can encompass my description, there are lots of words that apply to different aspects. Content writer, serial freelancer, environmental consciousness advocate, avid outdoor and nature lover, health promoter, passionate sustainable living advocate, nature lover, music lover, cooking wizard, nomad, and so much more! While I don’t have a “job” for a paycheck, my responsibilities are immense and the rewards are immeasurable as I have multiple streams of income from my online business.

You will find pictures and human interest stories of the ordinary communities such as the streets kids, the homeless, the pimps, environmental articles or pictures, nature, cultural practices, religions and spiritual pictures or stories. Some of you might find the post sensitive, of raw emotion or extremely pleasing to the taste for some. The overall aim is to support and develop research and quality content by exchanging best experiences, developing, sharing and improving new methods and through networking. It is this knowledge — that the world will only be saved by people who actually try to save it — that drives me. Having said that, I hope I will get your comments and positive critic and of course up votes, so I can upload more fascinating images and post to expedite my target to reach 50 up votes.


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