As human whose foundation is instilled in one form of religion or another. When we don't have what we need for what we want to get done, we are quick to pass things on as not God's timing. However the moment that thing that which we need shows up, we say it's God's time.

The question is "when did money become the measurement of God's timing"or when did "having and not having become part of his timing."

God's timing is our timing and whenever we chose to start chasing our goal I feel his timing kicks in and he starts to bless our efforts. However sometimes, it happens that when you have tried your best, its okay to rethink your decision or just take some few steps back.

A friend of mine wanted to start a business and there was a deadline on payment. He had called everyone of his friends who he believed could bail him out and no one was forthcoming with the assistance.He got so desperate and approached a micro finance bank. While he was able to pay off, the business collapsed in barely 8 months and he lost a lot of money.

I feel again that sometimes the setback is God trying to protect us from harm and heartbreak. When we need to do things urgently and we arr not making heads way with it. Understand that it is not the right time yet, and being patient is the best cause we do not know what waiting might prevent us from.

Sadly in today's world some people mistake lack as a time to wait on God and they mistake this waiting as an avenue to do nothing thereby enabling laziness. There is aleays a balance somewhere, kindly find it and act on it.

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