The Colletrix Platform Benefits to IP Owners, Merchandisers and The Collectors

Over a decade now when blockchain technology and bitcoin was introduced to the world, we have witnessed a lot of technological advancement. Blockchain technology has provided unto us all a crypto graph solution with quick processes and low chages coupled with decentralization and high security; as well as making sure that datas can be tracked without any form of hindrance. Bitcoin on the other hand ensures that mode of payments are quick, fast, sharp over a long distance or short distance.

If we all think about it, there should be an ecosystem that provides a total solution for group of IP owners, Merchandisers, Consumers e.t.c to make collectibles, trade them and also ensure continous income for ip owners, from the use of their IPS; an all in one platform to achieve that is


The Collletrix platform is a blockchain ecosystem that aims to bring together characters of IP, Blockchain technology and Merchandise to create a good market value powered on the Etherum smart contract system. The Colletrix platform will be one of the IP industry platforms that permits original IP Owners to grant new lifetime licenses through tokenization. To make it short and precise, lets say the colletrix is bringing to the blockchain world a new business model.


Having it at the back of our minds that the colletrix platform will maximise the ecosystem; we take a broader view at the benefits derived by the components of The Colletrix Ecosystem:

The Colletrix Ecosystem includes:

  • The Collectors
  • The IP Owners
  • The Merchandisers
  • The Crypto - Enthusiasts
  1. The Collectors: The collectors will be the ones to get the IP designed by the merchandisers all on the NFT system. With a good crypto - physical integration in place, collectors will get alot of merchandises, and with the blockchain technology, records of trade information and history will be provided. The collectors can get the merchandise with the CIPX Token. "CIPX Token will be the primary trade pair against NFT; and it is the token of the colletrix on the Etherum Smart Contract System".
  2. The IP Owners: On the colletrix platform, the ecosystem will help real IP Owners with a lifetime opportunity to grant licenses through the adoption of NFT. Remember NFT "is a non fungible token that represents something worthwhile and not interchangeable". In summary, colletrix converts the IP owner merchandise to NFT, the trade price is chosen by IP owner who then receives a fixed percentage of the trade price.
  3. The Merchandisers: Knowing fully well that merchandisers improves the product appearance and good positioning of products; the colletrix will bring multiple benefits with the usage of NFT. Merchandisers will be able to use NFT to produce merchandise.
    NB: Merchandisers will be able to proof historical owners and authenticities of every merchandise created.
  4. The Crypto - Enthusiastsn: These are crypto currency lovers, who at one point or the other decide to be a part of the ecosystem either as a CIPX Token hodler, or as an IP Owner, or as a Collectible collector, or as a Merchandiser. Whichever way, the Colletrix platform will accomodate all; and provide relevant and valueable profis too.


CIPX TToken Info

Ticker: CIPX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Supply: 10 000 000 000
Exchange Rate: 1 CIPX = $0.01 USD
Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH


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