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Knowing fully well the importance of blockchain and crypto currency to the world; I bet we are all trying to adopt at one point or the other. Because blockchain is the best thing to happen to the world last decade and present decade.

My previous word about the Digital Gold Platform emphasized about its introductory and immense solution offered to every one in the crypto currency world either a newbie or enthusiast or professional; so while we understand the emergence and the importance of Digital Gold tokens; we need to also understand how it works as a wealth storage and also as a secured source of investment.

As we are aware that stable coins are the order of the day; in the form of usdt, and it’s likes. With the bearish market persistent and troubling traders lately; almost every trader prefers to secure their wealth in usdt or tether to ensure that the dips do not affect their capital.

With Gold Tokens, you won’t have to worry about the dip or the bear market. Let’s learn more below.

But before then; what is Digital Gold stable coin once again?

GOLD token is a low volatility stable digital asset; it is based on the etherum Blockchain and is an erc-20 token; in a nutshell; Gold is a stable coin in erc20 mode; with the backing of the Gold coin itselff.

heGold token permits you to trade convincingly without revealing your identities and other features of the Digital Gold Platform includes the following:

  • Liquidity: Knowing fully well that liquidity of a coin is the ability of the coin to be converted into fiat or other coins easily; Digital Gold fulfills this role perfectly, because it is always in demand and it’s value is always matched with the market price of gold itself.
  • Long term security: Crytpo currency today comes with so many uncertainties; but Gold offers investment security, with Digital Gold token, and life expectancy of gold itself; Gold token will be enabled to act as a Stable Coin. Remember that the digital gold token can be stored on several compatible wallets (esp. erc-20 wallet). Examples are:
  • Myetherwallet
  • Trezor
  • Metamask
  • Guarda
  • Trust Wallet
  • Ledger Nano S and other erc-20 supported wallet application
  • Opportunity to store wealth: Every one in the world is aware that gold itself is a store of wealth and store of value, but with Gold token flexibility and ease in buying, selling, storing, trading and exchange; gold token remains a strong hold for crypto traders and investors to store wealth.
  • Low cost, no charges:<\b> With the aim to make gold token transactions simple, quick, and free of charges is why the digital gold platform has the token on the etherum Blockchain and you are permitted to make unlimited transaction on the platform.
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