After two discussions referencing the basic reasons why the GEOMADAO is the best to disrupt the governance strategy and equally distribute wealth to every participants, and also referencing what to expect, and how the platform is supposed to work.

I believe you have a strong conviction as regards the GeomaDao platform, because it is not a common enterprise.


But then if we set our sights towards the blockchain as regards GeomaDao, it has so many functions and focus, lets highlight some before focusing on the token economy.

  1. The GeomaDao platform can operate and offer consultancy services, bringing functionality and right mode of operation to the needs of company and helping such companies develop their final product.
  2. GeomaDao platform can also buy real estates, and offer rental or total sale for a better price. This enables the cash flow between participants of the platform as stated earlier.
  3. GeomaDao can also be your go to source in Agriculture, getting involved in providing good source of healthy foods, generating massive income, and maintaining its cash flow policy in the distributed economy.


It would be incomplete to discuss the geomadao platform without referencing its payment mode, and how each and every participants can do so using the blockchain technology.

This leads us to the GMD TOKENS.


The GMD TOKEN, is an utility token that will be utilized in the GeomaDao platform, it is based on the etherum blockchain and can be otherwise called the ERC-20 token. With gmd token, the geomadao platform users will have the right to propose decisions, proposals, or suggestions; the right to vote and take part in every activities that exists on the GeomaDao economic network.

Knowing fully well that the GeomaDao is more of a distributed economy, you and i, as users of GeomaDao can enjoy the economy with GMD tokens.

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CONTRACT: 0x2509B1A5FF82AB94172cFc527676AcF45C2A0D08

  • GMD Token Holders can earn by stacking at a maximum rate of 10%/year.

But then, due to sec protocols amongst others, the GeomaDao platform will also have another token model, which will be more like a security token and is called the GMDST TOKEN.

The security token GMDST is scheduled to be released for members of the GeomaDao platform after a voted project has been implemented to read world. The GMDST Token is backed with Land, Buildings, Water, Forest, Food etc which all maintains a stable value, and ensures that the token hodler has a secured form of investment.


NB: The GMDST token represents Ownersip and Divided Rights of investors on the GeomaDao distributed economy and you will be issued a certificate.

  • GMDST Token Holders will earn monthly benefits from the projects of the DAO.
  • Further informations about the GMDST will be disclosed further.

Before i conclude, remember that the DeFi dapps on the GeomaDao platform allows you to create stable coins (crypto currency whose value is pegged to the US dollar), lend out money and earn interest on your crypto, take out a loan, exchange one asset for another, go long or short assets.

The interface between the DAO and the regulated world will be the Geoma DAO Association. Its commitment is to build a reliable and proactive network amongst its members with the objective of achieving common goals.

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