IFC S2R8 results.

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Hey everyone. Sorry for the delay. I should have had this round done much sooner, but, I had a bit of investigating and contemplation I had to do and it took a while.

I would hope we can get this all judged before the year is over and that is my goal, though I do have my doubts based on how long it has been taking.

I really want to apologize again for the delay, I hope things pick up more soon and I guess we'll just see how it goes and we'll get there when we get there.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. <3
Onto the results now, shall we?

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Vote Round 8

apolymask - I was originally not going to vote for @ayushjalan this round because I got the impression he was on private property in his entry and I don't want to set a precedent of voting for entries where someone may have broken the law, however I decided to ask him more about it instead of just assuming and he told me that it was not private property and sent me a Google map link where there was a tour guide leaving a comment about the area which implied also that it was not private/restricted property, I did further research on my own though I was unable 100% prove it, but the evidence I've seen does make me think it was not private property and I think ayushjalan is telling the truth. So... I'm going to take a chance here. I would have given ayushjalan all 3 points cause I loved his entry so much, but since I'm not 100% sure and since he also did not put the date on his IFC card as per the rules I decided to just give him 1 point. The other two entries I liked the most were from @jbreheny cause he got a whole state in his which is really cool! And @ecoinstant because he did a video in nature and did some pushups in a beautiful spot. I really like when players take the time to make videos for our contest, so I think I'm going to give ecoinstant 1 on this one and jbreheny gets 1 point as well.

xomegax - N/A

enforcer48 - 1 for @bengy: I can totally relate to that. 1 for @mistakili: That was totally me in college. 1 for @ayushjalan: Now, that is a sweet spot to be at.

chrismadcboy2016 - 1 points to @bengy not because of I love games is because I do appreciate the way he spread his talent about music. Honestly I am a music lover to, music safe my life. And his second spot I can relate his life I admit it I was a bitter before. 1 points to @leaky20 Yes indeed like what leaky said,place where I do all of my important writing. I appreciate your thoughts thank you for remind me for the past two years, I was laying in the seashore and watch the sea waving and while I am watching the waves I write a poem just like you said the right place and the right time. 1 points to @ayushjalan Yes sometimes life more security than insecurity. I love the way he exploring the world of wonders.

Total is..

@ayushjalan - 3

@bengy - 2

@ecoinstant - 1

@leaky20 - 1

@mistakili - 1

@jbreheny - 1

Congrats ayushjalan! Your first win and now you're in 3rd place.
This is a pretty close battle for the top rankings and I'm curious to see how it plays out. :)
It's taking a while, but we keep inching closer and closer and hopefully we get to the finals and then the championship before too much longer!



I was a little unsure about how to do the leaderboard this season without being too confusing, so... I'm going to put those who have won points from season 2 on top, and will keep those from season 1 on the bottom.

I think at the end of the season I will likely combine both season 1 and 2 scores together. If you played in season 1 you still have your exp and items, I'm just showing it this way so it's easier to keep track of who is in their proper ranking place during the new season.

Also if you scored any points so far you are automatically entered into the finals as it only takes 1 point this season to get entered into the finals. Players from last season will not be entered into the finals unless they score at least 1 point during this new season 2.

Season 2 stats.

@jbreheny 2-22-0 previous season score is 1-12-0
@shaheerbari 2-21-0
@ayushjalan 1-19-0
@bengy 1-18-0 previous season score is 1-10-0
@leaky20 0-10-0
@nmcdougal94 1-09-0
@lordless.exile 1-09-0
@ecoinstant 0-07-0
@plushzilla 0-04-0 previous season score is 3-30-0
@bashadow 0-02-0 previous season score is 4-43-1
@simplymike 0-02-0
@mistakili 0-02-0
@quotes-haven 0-01-0

Season 1 stats.

kryptocek 6-53-1 Sacred Crystal
bashadow 4-43-1 ???
plushzilla 3-30-0
amariespeaks 3-23-0
har5h 2-59-1 KryptoCheck Shield
iexplore 2-36-0
eaglespirit 2-35-0
mr-bike 2-18-0
youhavewings 2-16-0
jan23com 1-48-1 Occult book + eye
sandrina.life 1-14-0

jbreheny 1-12-0
artgirl 1-11-0
magicalmoonlight 1-11-0
bengy 1-10-0

swolesome 1-09-0

wholeself-in 1-09-0
kenneth1 1-09-0
warpedpoetic 1-09-0
auminda 1-09-0
simplymike 1-08-0
xomegax 1-08-0 now a judge
bitpizza 1-07-0
losthippie 1-07-0
boladayl 1-06-0
noisyboy 1-05-0

giddyupngo 1-05-0
grizzman 0-08-0
deliberator 0-04-0

sophiabydesign 0-02-0

lynncoyle1 0-01-0

nxtblg 0-01-0

yura81 0-01-0

mnallica 0-01-0

lahvista 0-01-0
chrisroberts 0-01-0
laurawhite 0-01-0
beeyou 0-01-0
gerrardihno 0-01-0

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Comments 2

I've been so inactive lately that this completely flew off my radar lol. Anyway, I respect that you did your research too. Shows how genuine you and the judges are when it comes to scores.

Waiting for the next results!

12.10.2019 14:05

Understood. I hope things are going well for you ayushjalan. :) Thanks for acknowledging and respecting the research involved and I actually just posted the next round results just now if you wanna go look. This one was quicker and hopefully we can maintain a quicker rate now and can get this all judged and start the finals by sometime around the end of the year!

12.10.2019 22:15