You have a Strength Within! Embrace it to it's fullness.

You have a Strength Within

What is your strength? - a simple question that was raised when my friends and I gathered together for a cup of tea. My brain was frozen and I was tongue-tied. How am I supposed to answer? It occurred to me that I didn’t have a ready answer for it. Oh, like a tough question for Miss Universe grand finals.

I have met, read, and listened to diverse individuals who are really at their best self. Ted Talk, toastmaster speakers, teachers, accountants, mentors as well as friends. Let me cite an example; I have a friend who is an accountant. Do you want to know how to manage your money, and where should you invest for a profitable gain? Ask her and you will surely be satisfied. She is confident of her words and the flow of ideas is just like water running in a stream. She is not merely knowledgeable about her field, but her life is a mirror of it. Definitely, you won’t be just friends, but also take her as a financial adviser. She is just one of the individuals whom I give my biggest accolade to. Without any shadow of a doubt, she has discovered her strength and she embraced it to its fullness.

I am totally convinced that everyone has innate talents and intelligence within him or her. Are you? (Me too, for sure.) But then when I was asked at that moment as if I was seated in a hot seat not to mention, sweating cold. I didn’t know how to answer. I was in doubt of what really my strength is. Oh, 29 years old person who doesn’t exactly know her strength! What a shame I whispered to myself.

Well, I like writing speeches, essays, and trying in poetry having the thought that one day I will have a platform to tell them to the world. I thought I was good at it, yet I didn’t recognize that it is my strength. I had a blog in which motivated me to write more, yet soon forgotten. Additionally, I wanted my story to be heard, so I joined a speaking club, yet soon left. Do you know the main reasons I desist to continue? It’s because of my lame excuses – It’s taking me a lot of my time. I was not that good enough, and who would even care? I was stuck in these self-destructive thoughts.

Now, I would like to tell you and even myself that knowing is not enough – We know that everyone has treasured strength within. Also, you know, and I know too that intention is important but sad to say it is not good enough. To resolve to make the first step is a great action towards one’s goal. That simple first step is great, yet still inadequate. Consistency, determination, commitment and clearing up our mind about our “why” – are the ingredients you and I need, so that no matter how countless excuses we might have, we won’t shrink back - we won’t give up. So then, only at that very moment, we will fully embrace our strength that is within.

Now, I have the ready answer to that question with confidence and faith. I have something that I can contribute to the world I am living in right now. I am designed for greatness, so you are. I have this strength that is uniquely carved in my soul deep within - the strength that insistently pushing itself to get out and be useful to the world. I am a speaker who is not afraid to speak the truth with love and authority. As the theme posted the first time, I attended PUC Toastmaster Club highlighted, “life-long learning.” That is the journey I am excitedly and willingly go for. I resolved to strengthen my strength for my God, for others and myself.

Let me ask you: What is your strength? …
Your strength is given to you to be maximized, so don’t just bury and let it die with you in the grave.

Thank you for reading! ^^

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