A Photo Taken- My Bestfriend's Bet

"Bet lahat. Best ito." Phoebe chatted.

Let me have a second look!

What about it? I wondered with a big smile. ^____^

70807703_392257815030196_ 4673221432216387584_n.jpg

It was on a Saturday daylight when an earlier talk about jogging was made.
Jogging which means more than a purposeful time to burn fats, yeah, for sure its part of it.
Jogging means making time to voice out everyone's kept concern in class (teachers).
Mind you an awful lot of stories were put on the table.
The path from the start to the finish line, if I can tell it that way, piles of unwritten journals were piled.
Well, at times all you have to do is to give your ears and let them be freed. ^^

Yet, jogging has another meaning deeply curved in my heart.
For me more than the time spent, the stories told, the burned fats coupled the "JOGGING",
Nature always speaks to me. so, I paused the time, the stories, the burning of fats and even the jogging to listen to its whispers.

so, I listened...
This view speaks about 'heaven', land, and water.
It speaks of a life that is made possible when the three are in partnership - together.

The lake gathered the rain last night,he trees are tirelessly standing tall,
And the sky never ceases to show that a new day is at hand.
Good morning sunshine!

To my Bestfriend Phoebe Most importantly, it speaks of my bestfriend who's always there.
To my Bestfriend Phoebe... Thank you and love lotsssss!!!^^

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