App pick of the week – week #36, app #1

OLIO, the app that helps you reduce waste enabling you to list the products you no longer need

Nowadays there is an app for almost anything. The rate of app development is high and it gets difficult to keep up with all the new app releases and their updates. The App pick of the week series is an attempt to showcase a new app each week irrespective of topic, purpose or who released the app. The goal of the series is to present the apps I found interesting and would like to share.

The first app in the series is OLIO . OLIO wants to connect people and businesses that have a surplus which may benefit others. The products that can be offered include and are not limited to groceries, clothing, furniture, gadgets, electronics. The app encourages people to list products that may expire soon and not throw them away.


The app displays the products listed that are near to you based on location. It showcases the products on a map and the distance from your location to the products in the category you are interested in.

The app enables the users to talk via private messages and make the arrangements to meet.
The users are called OLIOers, and at this time there were over 1 million users registered and over 2 million portions of food shared.

Environmental impact

OLIO supports sustainability by enabling the reuse of products and reduce throwing away products that you no longer need or want but could be useful for others.

What more could we want from the app

I find the app to be complete and feature all the needs for each type of user. What do you think? Is this app complete or could it be improved?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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