Why XCARD is branded the #1 blockchain project

The impact of blockchain technology will be massive in future economies. It has gained the interests of many Fintechs, Governments, Wall Streets etc.New projects are being launched everyday to satisfy specific segment of society. While this is a good thing, it has become increasingly difficult to sieve through the bulk of projects being introduced to investors. Coinmarketcap.com current lists over 2950 cryptocurrencies on its platform, representing a plethora of blockchain projects and the list keep growing. There are many more new projects being introduced daily to users/investors. The sad reality is the fact that many of these projects turn out to be a failure. Many of these projects fail, some soon after launch for a number of reasons. It becomes imperative to access each projects for their merits, what makes a blockchain project remarkable. This article will explore some key criteria for a successful deployment of a blockchain solution (after a brief introduction to the XCARD blockchain project), benchmarks XCARD against these criteria and why XCARD is your number one blockchain project.

First a brief Introduction to the XCARD blockchain project

XCARD is a blockchain project dedicated to creating an Instant Settlement or payment solution with the integration of both fiat (national currencies) and cryptocurrencies in real time, anywhere, on any card, with no limits or barriers. It features an all-in-one multi- currency digital wallet (which supports fiats, cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based security tokens etc) and a cryptocurrency-backed credit card. The digital wallet allows for instant transfer payments, storage, direct purchase of cryptocurrencies, swaps between the different cryptocurrencies and with fiats currencies. The Crypto credit card is based on the regular/existing card types and also a digital version for those who do not own a physical card. The XCARD cryptocurreny wallet App and the crypto credit card are interconnected and optimized to offer seamless transactions. XCARD is a part of the much more robust Mobilum ecosystem and utilizes Mobilum Token(MBM) as the network tokens.

First a brief Introduction to the XCARD blockchain project


What makes for a successful blockchain project/solution?

The successful deployment of a blockchain solution must consider these four aspects. The include

  • Technical

  • Organisational

  • Legal

  • Business

The absence of any of these usually result in the failure of the blockchain project.

The Technical aspects describes the project from a technological stand point . Typically will include features that make for a good/bad blockchain such as speed of transaction, latency, security the and safety of data/blockchain , privacy (for privacy-centered coins)
special features etc. A faulty code is a real security challenge.

The Organisational aspect will include how the project is being managed, the team, expertise, integrity and resources. It describes the framework for managing the project

The Legal aspects ensures that there are no violation for existing laws, compliance with regulations if the need be. It makes little sense when a project is in violation of regulations such as anti-money laundry laws and is being shut down by government

The Business aspect answers questions such as how funds will be generated that will make it attractive to investors and supporter. The goal of any business is to make profit, what are the income potential of the project. Ideally it should go beyond just having tokens which only derive value from speculation, rather than utility.

How does XCARD meet these

XCARD is a blockchain project dedicated to creating an instant settlement or payment solution with the integration of both fiats (national currencies) and cryptocurrencies in real-time, any where, on any card and at minimal cost.

Unique Advantages of XCARD over similar projects


cryptocurrency wallet app
Secured Wallet
Credit Card
Instant Settlement
buy cryptocurrencies easily
connect fiat currencies and crypto assets in real-time

The opportunities and advantages inherent in redesigned business processes.

The traditional approach of many of these projects have been to sign some sort of agreements with some merchants or create a an ecommerce site with very limited scope for holders of the coin to transacts businesses...

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