"Monga" Yankees, number one in ML's power-rigging...The Dodgers are in third place

The New York Yankees, a traditional household name, have topped the Major League Power Ranking.


Major League Baseball's official website MLB.com announced its overall power ranking on the second week of September. According to the report, the New York Yankees moved up from second to first, and Houston, who was the top power-ranker at the time of the last announcement, took a step down to second place. The Los Angeles Dodgers remained in third place just as it did last time.

"The Yankees and Houston will be in a fierce competition for the remaining two weeks," MLB.com said. The Yankees have two key players -- Luis Severino and Gian Carlo Stanton -- returning from injuries. "We've lost three straight games to Oakland, but we're about to win three straight games against Kansas City," he said. "We're looking for a victory for the Yankees and Houston.

As for the Dodgers, which have already clinched the title, the Dodgers must continue to move forward for the postseason home advantage, ahead of second-place Atlanta, but behind Houston and the Yankees. There is a big difference between playing four home games in the World Series and three in the World Series," he explained. Major League Baseball will be given a home advantage in the postseason if it ranks first in league wins and overall wins. Literally, they will be able to play more games at home.

The Yankees will try to win the World Series for the first time in 10 years, Houston for two years, and the Dodgers for the first time in 31 years. Attention is drawn to which team will take the top spot in the winning percentage, earning the postseason home advantage.

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