Luis Castillo said he isn't Guilty

Former major leaguer Luis Castillo, who is known to have been involved in organized crime, pleaded innocent.

"I am not guilty," Castillo said in an interview with ESPN on Sunday. It has nothing to do with drug delivery or any crime," he claimed.

Earlier on Monday,media, including ESPN, said Castillo was arrested on charges of participating in organized crime in his home country, the Dominican Republic, along with former major leaguer Octavio Dotel.


Citing charges filed by prosecutors in the Dominican Republic, ESPN said Dotel and Castillo were accused of helping launder drug-carrying gangs to the United States. They allegedly laundered money by investing in high-end real estate.

In response, Castillo again pleaded not guilty, saying, "My damaged reputation may be irrevocable, but I am confident that justice will prevail."

Castillo is a veteran who played 15 seasons in Major League Baseball from 1996 to 2010. Playing as second baseman in all 1,683 games of his career, he has won three All-Star and three Gold Gloves awards, and helped the Florida Marlins win the World Series in 2003.

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