What happens when our brain is overloaded with thoughts? - Mental overload

Surely at some point in your personal or work lives you have felt that your brain is overloaded with thoughts and that somehow you have so many things in your head that you are unable to form a clear or accurate idea about a subject, well that it is more normal than it seems and is called mental overload.

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Mental overload.


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Well, as I suppose you have been able to deduce that I mean when I speak of mental overload, seeing it from another angle could be said that mental overload is when we tend to think too much, creating all kinds and forms of ideas. Some will say how it is possible to think too much if that is what our brain is made for, and yes that's right, the human being as an entity lives to think and then to act.

However, people who self-generate a mental overload do so due to how inefficient and useful the thoughts they generate are. That is, something similar with the saying that not always the quantity is better than the quality.

Summarizing it a little more the people who develop this type of anomalies do so because most of their ideas are not clear or simply they do not lead anywhere.

Mental processes.

All thoughts and ideas are born and developed in our mind, however as I said earlier a few paragraphs ago not all the thoughts that arise from our mind are gold, and it will always depend on us to determine the use we give to each one of these thoughts since without doubt of that use will determine the results that we will obtain in our lives.

It should be noted that our thoughts and ideas are not always aware, since many of our ideas arise unconsciously, however that is where the determining factor is, since if we are able to take advantage of the conscious ideas of our mind without entirely relying of ideas that arise without our knowing we will be able to greatly control our future, making wise decisions.

Going more to the issue of mental overload, those useless thoughts that overload and saturate our mind generating a lot of anomalies, are generated consciously and detonated by a number of factors that is why as I said there is the determining factor of how our lives will turn out, because if we are able to identify and turn around these negative and useless thoughts our lives will be much simpler.

These useless thoughts or trash, saturate our brain because as I said they have no purpose and instead weaken us as they manifest in a very negative way.

Thoughts that overload our mind.


Accusing thoughts.


The person who criticizes the least is the one who has the greatest virtues.
When we tend to criticize or judge someone else is basically a sign of our insecurities as we often project our faults on others. This is undoubtedly a thought that does not contribute anything in our lives and that on the contrary gradually strengthens and makes our most negative aspects flourish.

Pity thoughts.

If feeling sorry for someone else is bad because it degrades in almost all aspects imagine feeling sorry for ourselves. In both scenarios, these thoughts only diminish our self-esteem and undoubtedly weaken us little by little to the point of making us extremely vulnerable. These are "junk" thoughts that only fill our minds with guilt, frustration and impotence and that, as I said, only contribute to making us weaker.

The thoughts of doubt.

When we lack security at the moment of acting, it is an indicator of the lack of confidence we have in our own decisions and not only when we are serious about it, because without a doubt when we are not able to react correctly in such unlikely scenarios it is when we most detonate our lack of security.

This type of thoughts extends to other people when we tirelessly try to know what other people think, so that little by little we weaken our mind to the point of being unable to get right in any decision.

The thoughts of repentance.

This is perhaps the worst of the junk thoughts since in a certain way it is the definitive manifestation of the other trash thoughts. When we tend to think about " what would have happened if" or "maybe I should have" is when without a doubt our mind is totally tormented by doubt and negativity.

Thinking that we have done things wrong and that we should have acted differently, intensifies the doubts we feel about whether we are capable of making correct decisions, it also fills us with guilt and clouds our judgment, causing our thoughts to manifest more and more in a disapproving way.
Another negative aspect of this type of thoughts is that, by clouding our judgment, we sink into a negativity so intense that it does not manifest any kind of unconscious or conscious positive ideas.

All these junk thoughts, little by little, as I said before, make us succumb to so many negative things that completely block the good understanding we give to life.

How could we free our mind?

When we are saturated with ideas and thoughts, it is necessary that we modify the way in which we process information, in addition to the way in which we associate it. Since the bad association and interpretation of the information is perhaps the first step for the generation of trash thoughts.

If we manage to change the way our conscious thoughts are progressively formed, we can make positive and productive thoughts prevail in our minds.

Another of the fundamental measures is to achieve in some way to put our mind at rest in such a way that on the most difficult occasions we do not saturate or overload our mind.

Finally, one of the ways to get rid of these junk thoughts is, in addition, to gradually modify our behavior is to improve our environment because as our grandmothers would say; Bad habits are the first to be copied. Undoubtedly, if we tend to live with people with thrash thoughts, these people will gradually infect us so that at some point we will absorb those trashy thoughts.

A good exercise to achieve eliminate these thoughts is to analyze our ideas so that by simple questions to our subconscious we can identify them, get to ask ourselves, Who am I to judge others? Why do I doubt? Why instead of feeling sorry I do not do something to help?

While we answer, simple questions of that type we will conclude that we are drowning in our own thoughts and that the most healthy thing is to modify our ideas and progressively our actions.

And you, Have ever felt that your brain is overloaded?




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Hello there @ideas-abstractas :)

I was looking for something to read with my post-lunch coffee and here I am! It took just a second for the title of your post to catch my attention :) I am very interested in the role our thoughts play in our overall well-being. I follow the belief that the quality of our thoughts hugely determine how we perceive the world, others and therefore how we behave. Very much like you said:

instead [they] weaken us as they manifest in a very negative way.

Thank you for breaking these types of negative thoughts down into different categories. Helping others to identify them is the only way guide people towards addressing and rationalizing them as you suggest at the end of your writing :)

A good exercise to achieve eliminate these thoughts is to analyze our ideas so that by simple questions

I always encourage people to talk back to their negative thoughts so as to (1)identify self-destructive ideas and attitudes and (2)shift that mode of thinking to a more constructive one.

Thank you for this read ;)
I wish you a great afternoon ahead!


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Nice article!
I will make a list ;-)
Thanks & Resteem

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01.11.2019 23:44

Thank you for your article. During the Summer i had made this experience. I was overloaded by my job...so i made a break. Resigned my job and stayed at home for 3 month...I needed the time to calm down and make clear what i really want...it was a hard way with a lot of doubts and tears but it was worth it

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I see that @abigail-dantes has replied to this. I thought of her as I read your blog, because she recently wrote one about guilt that is related, I think.
Anything that stops us from going forward and being productive, is not helpful. So overloading our minds with negative thoughts...that's the wrong direction to go in.

It's always useful to remember that guilt accomplishes nothing. However, I do believe people should assume responsibility for harm they may have done, and to learn from that experience.
Thank you for an interesting blog.

04.11.2019 04:58