Singing Fingers - Let your Kids Create Music & Paintings at the same time

Singing Fingers

Let your Kids Create Music & Paintings at the same time


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One of the things that my daughter likes most is to paint with her fingers, in fact there is no room on her walls that is not stylized by her designs. That's why this app may really please her because it will allow her to keep drawing with her fingers and at the same time she will be able to create really funny songs.

The app starts from the creative principle of coupling art with sounds allowing each stroke created by our little ones to evoke a sound that creates a melody in a harmonic way.


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22.09.2019 15:12

Whaooo, this is amazing @ideas-abstracta, kids love things like this, my daughter in her own case love dancing, so I can just imagine if my son is drawing with his hand using the app and the sound is giving melody for my daughter to dance. Nice hunt

22.09.2019 16:26

Amazing app which is helpful for both kids ans parents. It gives kids nice experience and entertainment as a result it will enhance creativity and skill. For parents it will help to keep the home wall clean. Nice hunt

23.09.2019 02:06

Impressive Hunt, I explore some Apps that make a sound by making shapes but You hunt is totally unique for me, It will expand a ground for children's creativity and helping them to be more creative

23.09.2019 08:30

This is not just for kids because I intend to play with this as much as I like. Although, kids will enjoy this more, it's an amazing app, let's you draw anything you want and create music at the same time. Awesome

23.09.2019 14:39


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23.09.2019 15:22