HapticMaster VR - Haptic Robot that give us Realistic Sense of Touch in VR

HapticMaster VR

Haptic Robot that give us Realistic Sense of Touch in VR


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HapticMaster VR is a gadget that will allow us to increase the realism of what we experience in VR through a highly accurate reactive feedback module.

The HapticMaster VR is a haptic robot, which has been designed to give users a realistic sense of touch in a virtual or remote world using their upper extremities. Ideal for clinical or research uses, Motekโ€™s HapticMaster VR can be a development and therapy platform for upper limb 3D haptic and visual interaction in virtual reality (VR) environments.




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13.11.2019 15:07

This haptic robot is really a revolutionary invention in medical field. It will help to learn a step ahead about human movement research through virtual reality technology.

Impressive Hunt.

13.11.2019 16:42

From the details they have provided on their site, it seems like "HapticMaster VR" is gonna take interactive programming to a whole new level, and if that's the case then, I am sure, we are gonna experience a digital world which would be more near to the reality.

13.11.2019 23:10

Hello dear friend!
I think HapticMaster is a good flexible choice for robotic interaction which provide facility to measurement and programmable impedance in human researches and movement. Its capability is good to simulate and control to realistic sense of touch. Absolutely incredible and impressive search for today.

14.11.2019 01:51

Wao. A reactive feedback to interact with VR. This will take tge VR experience to a whole new level.
Great hunt ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘

14.11.2019 05:34

Cool Hunt!

Hello, I really appreciate your effort and Here is my opinion about this hunt-
There is no doubt the AR/VR technologies are doing great in our daily life and this is another cool thing that will have an awesome use in training. It can be used for the Operation training of medical students as well so that they can feel the touch in virtual space.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

14.11.2019 06:03

I'm sure this will help you to give a strong feeling of touch just like reality. It brings a VR to the very next level where users can feel a real touch like never before. NICE HUNTING!

14.11.2019 14:19

we all know Vr is among those technology who is changing the way we watch cinema or experience any thing artificially but feeling like real.

14.11.2019 14:25


*Real feel of vr

  • attractive
  • Remote control.
  • Future technology


  • non
14.11.2019 14:34


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