Droponic - Grow Fresh Herbs and Vegetables Smart & Effortless


Grow Fresh Herbs and Vegetables Smart & Effortless


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Droponic is a modular and portable growing system that allows us to grow all kinds of plants in a simple way and with an intelligent monitoring system connected to our mobile devices.




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14.11.2019 15:04

The product looks stunning and it will be nice to have this and grow some fresh vegetables. I was trying to check the price, but that needs an invite. Any idea, what is the price ?

14.11.2019 16:22

Droponic is unique and smart system to grow fresh plants with ease with true monitoring. A well suitable system for indoor garden to keep the environment healthy and fresh with plants. Thanks for sharing this amazing Hunt with us.

14.11.2019 17:00

What a great and amazing hunt. You can find perfect product for us. It helps you to grow fresh vegeatables at your home. Fresh vegeatables are very important for our good health. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

14.11.2019 21:33

I have checked the linked video. Growing Inside the house. Awesome. This will help us in growing green inside our house. Eco friendly hunting. Thanks. Trees are very essential part of next generation climate change scenario.

15.11.2019 00:48

Getting fresh herbs and vegetables in urban area is a challenging task. Great solution for people of urban area to grow their own herbs and vegetables. Now you can grow at your home with ease. By the way what is the price of Droponic?

15.11.2019 02:24

I need this gadget in my garden where I can be connected with plants all the time. It would be a great addition in the kitchen to grow herbs for daily usage.

15.11.2019 04:59

Stuff like this is growing our community and give some fresh air . You done a great job finding this hunter. Upvote from me

15.11.2019 08:32

that's so cool we can plant almost everything with this beauty .. i love gardening aswell ...


captured by Samsung s6

15.11.2019 09:18

Looks absolutely stunning great in-door small garden that fits anywhere and can grow anything fantastic for urban living today. I think this is the best solution for everyone who's want to be gardener but not have free access with soil. It looks quite easy to used and should give us healthy food. Awesome Search

15.11.2019 09:32

Lovely. This can make you a sit at home farmer although on a very small scale. It will be more suitable for ornamental plants in my opinion. Good hunt

15.11.2019 11:25

Technology is really doing wonders. Droponic is an example. I really appreciate the idea where you can grow different kind of plants at home with intelligent monitoring system. At least you know what is happening.

15.11.2019 12:09


  • Smart way of work.
  • You don't need to do any effort.
  • Automatic growth.
  • Fresh herb always for use.


  • non
15.11.2019 12:32

It seems a pretty clean and innovative product to grow healthy and fresh herbs and vegetables even close and compact environment. I am amazed be quality and cleanliness of the product with all necessary features to get goo droduce from this tiny product. Wonderful search.

15.11.2019 12:42

It's really a good idea to get some fresh Herbs and vegetables using the smart and effortless techniques.

15.11.2019 13:09

Hello dear friend
Really such grove plant kit always be useful for ecosystem and plantation because they care everything's very closely. Hands it is sensor based kids so it able to monitor their soil moisture, temperature, humidity, plants growth and also reminds water is necessity to the plants time to time. sometimes they also indicates when its level increases.
Very impressive and unique search for today..

15.11.2019 13:24

Growing plants and vegetables with the help of technological tool is a great step of the latest technology that even gives you more freedom to save your time instead of doing it manually nice hunt

15.11.2019 13:54

Technology has come such a long way which made it possible to grow fresh veggies and gerbs as per our convenience. Such an impressive hunt and I just love the concept. We can do it easily with fewer efforts. great one.

15.11.2019 14:04

A great way to have homegrown herbs and nutrition rich food.
Especially for those who don't have space.
Great hunt

15.11.2019 14:33

Awesome ONe!
it is the next generation Flowerpot plants and it allows us to grow and take care of plants in Smart way.
Thank You and Have a GooD dAY!

15.11.2019 14:37

hmmm awesome idea to take help from it. That would be a pretty much good solution to help grow vegetables from it.

15.11.2019 14:53

Very nice. I always curious to find out the best management that how can I grow my plants in a easy method so I am sure it helps a lot.

15.11.2019 14:54


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