Cell Cycle - WebGL design app for creating 3d-printable cellular models

Cell Cycle

WebGL design app for creating 3d-printable cellular models


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Hunter's comment

Cell Cycle is an app that will allow us to model 3D structures of all kinds of things in total detail and then we can print or incorporate in other projects.

Cell Cycle is a web-based design app inspired by the microscopic structures built by Radiolaria that we created to make complex 3d modeling of cellular structures easy and engaging.




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29.10.2019 15:04

A bit small selection of products :/

29.10.2019 16:01

Great app for 3d, easy to use for printing parts and products. Great Hunt!

30.10.2019 02:04

cool app but not many things to check

30.10.2019 02:24

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, This is a nice idea but there is certain limitations although it is good to for creating 3d models and we don't need any actual 3d Software for small designs.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

30.10.2019 02:32

3d printing is revolutionising the manufacturing sector.
Cell Cycle seems like a nice software for designing 3d printable objects /things.

30.10.2019 02:38

I heard about 3d printing before but never gone in details to understand how it works. Cell Cycle seem to be a good app giving options to create 3d pritaable cellular models. Nice find

30.10.2019 02:48

WoW pretty cool app for users who want to create their own 3D printed jewelry with this users able to modify shape, size and thickness of their design on top of that it allow users to change the level of details in the mesh structure pretty cool. It also allow users to subdivide cells to make even more unique patterns & with this app users can also saved, load and share their designs. Excellent Find

30.10.2019 05:51

i think people can also use it in making of jewellery isnt it ?

30.10.2019 08:42

For 3D models, it could be a nice idea. so by using this application, we can design any 3D structure. Well, that's really nice. Use case of this app might be more useful industrial work. Quite revolutionary and impressive technology.

30.10.2019 10:41

this is not doubt an amazing app for those who like to create 3D models and then print them using the 3D printers, I like this hunt very much .

30.10.2019 11:14


  • Easy to use app.
  • 3D creation design made easy .
  • free to download.
  • Designs could be used in other apps an applications as well.


  • non.
30.10.2019 11:29

Greetings @ideas-abstractas,

This sounds so very interesting and applicable to many different type objects....mechanical parts, insulated coffee mugs, how about plant pots?.....the list goes on.

All the best to this company.

Cool Hunt!


30.10.2019 11:46

Wooh, I'm sure biologists will find this quite handy. A lot of complex stuff can be made quite easy with 3D rendering. Learning just become more interesting. Cool hunt

30.10.2019 13:28

Its an amazing drawing software allow us to model 3D structures of all kinds of things. This is shocking to see we can print or incorporate in other projects. Great hunt

30.10.2019 14:39

Great Hunt! Indeed this is a great app for creating a 3D cellular model because this app provides good features to create these models easily instead of using photoshop that required a lot of skills nice hunt

30.10.2019 14:44


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