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greetings all steemit friends wherever they are, hopefully they are in good health and strong in carrying out their activities.

In this short opportunity I will share some pictures about my power ups this time.
thank you very much to xpilar world and thank you also to @xpilar.
and do not forget to say thank you to @sultan-aceh who have taught me a lot and always supported me at steemit.
Although my power-ups this time are few, I am sure that thanks to your hard work and support from my friends, I will appear again in this xpilar world.
and I am also very motivated by @dobartim because he is such an amazing person.
thanks to @steemcurator for supporting some of my posts.
I also humbly say thousands of thanks to all my friends because thanks to them I can get steem so I can use it as a power up, besides that I hope that in the future I have a lot of steem power to help each other, especially in this xpilar world community.





So on this occasion, see you next time.


garis steemit.jpg

Thank you

Regards @idayrus


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