Tokoin partners Infinito to help create more exciting features for the forthcoming Tokoin app


The importance of important blockchain partnerships cannot be overemphasized as far as cryptocurrency is concerned. Today again the good news is that Tokoin just sealed another blockbuster partnership with Infinito. This partnership has been the talk of the space ever since it's public announcement, as we go further we will see why the partnership has made so much wave.

Infinito is on the verge of becoming a household name in the crypto world due to the amount of impact it's been making, what the infinito ecosystem does is to create an enabling environment for enterprises, developers and crypto based consumers to cohabit.

More on Infinito

This platform basically brings businesses and it's users in close contact with blockchain products and services, with the end goal being targeted at expansion. With the Infinito platform, merchants can receive payments sent from consumers in quick time.

The Infinito ecosystem has a large range of products that includes but not limited to the Infinito mobile based wallet, Infinito square app, Infinito PAY, and the Infinito blockchain platform. The Infinito wallet is a household name in the crypto space, shortly after it went live it has been able to successfully have a number of big crypto projects like TOMO, XLM, NEO, ADA, EOS, BCH. Besides these major altcoins it still has over 2000 other coins integrated on it. More to this is the fact that it has witnessed a high rate of downloads from Google play store.

Tokoin and Infinito
Early today, it was announced that Tokoin just made the list as the latest addition to Infinito's list of increasing partners. Seeing as the release of Tokoin's official app is already looming, lots of technological integration is required to make this a complete success. This partnership wil seel the Infinito's wallet integrated on Tokoin app, this will make users of the app find ease in carrying out certain financial transactions that has to do with digital currencies on the app.

This partnership will also see users of the Infinito platform cross over and check out the Tokoin platform for possible adoption, at the same time Infinito will equally expand across Indonesia to tap from the MSME market.

I personally wait in anticipation to see how this rare partnership between the both industry giants will bring about more worldwide recognition as well as adoption for blockchain, judging by the fact that both projects already have a very formidable and globally spread assembly of supportive users.

The partnership between Tokoin and Infinito is one that will be greatly beneficial to both parties. The Infinito sophisticated wallet will be integrated into the Tokoin's app at launch, thereby giving users of the app the ability to send and receive supported cryptocurrencies of their choice from and on the app. This partnership will also create more popularity for Tokoin amongst users of cryptocurrency around the world.

This is not the usual kind of empty crypto partnership that has no real life application, this partnership is one of very high and standard value, and it will also provide great benefit to both parties, their ecosystem as well as their users.




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