A welcome Rant For Myself!


Its been an awesome break from writing, especially from the crypto-space. I will be missing this years SIN3-steemit in Nigeria, events. this is especially because i have been out of the cryptocurrency space. Some people fear change, maybe i happen to be within that periscope. I still use words unmaturely, raw and direct to poke your ass with it.
I Miss my buddies,I mis my friends from very far away, @jaynie @surpassinggoogle @mickyscofied @nancy007 @ejamai @destinysaid @africanyogagirl so much to mention with only a small memory,but too many to remember.

I miss the groups, the contests, the sweetness, everything was so sweet until the crash brough everyone to their feet; fleed they all went.

i only wonder and say these times come cant be brought back, but we can make the future better. I still believe in @campusgistars and i am still working on the first blockchain campus. in all honesty this is a hard deal.

Steem blockchain has been messy before I left, especially with the advent of several like it. did they put @ned on his toe or did he bend a knee, am not ure, but a lot of us worked so hard to get this block chain into the world, name it; Africa, Europe, Asia, and to even the ends of the earth. so we want this to succeed. I commend @purepinay my crush, she might be married now for keeping up with the times. I also commend @ehiboss for SIN3 despite the hard times. I am sure Uyo go hear word.

what have I been up to?
A lot, I will bring you up to date subsequently

May we all never give up despite the times and the hard ships.
I believe I am welcomed back by the steemit community!

I am @iconnelly....

picture from my facebook wall.

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Welcome back!

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thanks dear

12.09.2019 18:27