The Great Machine: Merchants of Corruption by iconDARK

The Great Machine:  Merchants of Corruption by iconDARK

Genre: Dark Ambient / Soundscape

"Willing servants of the Great Machine are driven by perverted extremes of greed, envy, pride, and hatred. Most insidious among them are the Merchants of Corruption. Drawn to the intersection of ambition and virtue, they twist the most innocuous needs and desires into weapons against the innocent. Whether in the form of a hand beckoning from an unassuming storefront, or a passing whisper from a familiar beggar, they sow chaos and damnation with every encounter, every interaction, every transaction. Their only reward is the glee of tossing someone else into the Infernal Gears mere moments before they themselves must join them."

"The Great Machine" is a series of dark ambient tracks based on background material for a novella that I wrote a long time ago... back when I fancied myself a horror writer. The Merchants of Corruption was meant to invoke the feeling of inadvertently(?) wandering into an abandoned(?) antiques store and exploring the far-to-numerous and increasingly ominous hallways that lead to a literal doorway to hell. The door is closed... but is it locked? And if so, which side is the lock on? The ominous bellow from the "Throat of the Burning God" can be heard through the closed door if you listen hard enough. This track is very much inspired by the soundtrack from the movie Hellraiser.

"What is your pleasure, sir?"


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