The Black Planet by iconDARK

The Black Planet by iconDARK

From the "Signals" EP.

Signals is my first (and so far only) EP. The idea for the EP was to present the different styles of electronic music that I make while adhering (somewhat loosely) to a narrative that exists only in my head... the story of the Black Planet.

The first song is "The Black Planet", something equal parts electronic and cinematic, worthy of an opening credits sequence of a scifi/horror movie.

Next up is "Six Signals from a Dead World", a dark ambient/drone soundscape wherein a future AI analyzes six mysterious signals received from a supposedly dead planet. What the signals portray is up to the listener, but repeated listens make it clear that there is a story there... somewhere. The unasked and unanswered question is, if the planet is dead, who or what sent the signals? And why? Was it a warning... or are the signals themselves propagating some unknown apocalypse across the depths of space? Is the dead world... Earth!?

Then comes "Signal 5", an uptempo breakbeat jam which lightens up the tone a bit while still maintaining the mysterious and apocalyptic theme. Party at the end of the world? Sure!

Finally there is the synth remix of "The Black Planet". While not exactly synthwave, it is a good approximation. Still cinematic, but more retro.

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...the original idea for "The Black Planet" was a novel (or series of novels) about a large, dark, Jupiter-sized planet floating in space that brought doom in the form of demonic infestation to any ship that encountered it. It would be heavily implied that the planet was the primordial home of "demons" in folklore... a literal frozen Hell headed toward Earth. You don't exactly get that story from the EP, but the music fits...


More about iconDARK:

I like what I like; I make what I make.

My electronic instrumentals range from eerie dark ambient to rock-influenced electronica to bass-heavy breakbeat. I refuse to limit myself to just one subgenre. The one unifying thread throughout my work stems from my lifelong love of imaginative fiction, horror movies, and tales of the paranormal… all of which make their way into the titles and themes of my music.

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Look closely at the track art. Those shapes behind the letters in "Signals" aren't just random decoration...

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