Take This With You (Gone Together Reprise) by iconDARK

Take This With You (Gone Together Reprise) by iconDARK

Genre: Breakbeat

This song is quite literally an experiment in applied laziness. I wanted to do something more beat-driven and uptempo, but I didn't necessarily want to start over from scratch with new chords, etc.

Hey! Why not remix one of my previous songs!

I took some of the leftovers from Gone Together and reworked them into something more energetic. Same chords, same melody... more awesome?

While not my best song, I think it turned out okay This was an experiment that I would later repeat with 1.AM.NOT.HUMAN becoming ST1LL.N0T.HUMAN, and the breakbeat remix of Return to the Kirkyard.

Compare it to the original song here: https://choon.co/tracks/0xyesbezfs4/gone-together/

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