Photography Contest week-1 ||Steem Future||01-05-2021|| My Choice your Pleasure||

Dear Friends,
How are you?


I hope you are doing great job, and spending your precious moments of valuable life merrily. Everyone wants to live healthy, wealthy and peaceful life. Mam desires many achievements and a lot success in life. But sometimes he gets fail and lose hope and do not work again. As a result he becomes lazy and after the routine of doing it again again, his power of self confidence and self will ends. He then becomes bored person. He sees others doing extraordinary functions, he get excited and asks he can do it. People say you can not do it. At that moment, he needs motivation. Sometimes people do not adopt hobby. Hobby is a permanent pleasure source. I am going to share my photography with you through the platform of @Steem Future. You can get inspiration, positive vibes, cordialy satisfaction and permanent pleasure.

Both are compulsory in life. You can not go away without the umbrella of these motives. That is why the internal factors that bring you to do positively and extraordinary is called internal motivation. While the collection of aggregates that focusses you to do a lot of varities effectively in a great way is called extrinsic motivation. You have both types of motivations. But the intrinsic one is more effective as well as more important. I am going to share my photography contest week-1 for the day of May 01, 2021. The sequence of the photography is listed below:-

  • Morning Walk Photography
  • Meeting with Friends Photography
  • Paper Checking
  • Construction Work
  • Meeting with Respected Sir Muhammad Ahmad
  • Special Visit to Gulshan Zafar Noor City Photography
  • Visit to Watermelon Fields Photography
  • Enjoying Cool Water Photography
  • Summary of Photography
  • Morning Walk Photography


After the Fajr Prayer I went to walk with my students. We were in happy mood. The weather was quite peaceful and cool. We ran for 2KM then sat down at the grass to take rest for a while. Then we talked about for 15Minutes. Then we came back at home to do other resonsiblities of ours. Actually, our morning walk was very good 1st achievement of the day. Without morning walk you can not enjoy your whole day actively.

  • Meeting with Friends


Then we have a great opportunity to meet with our sweet friends. We met with each other. We spent about 2 Hours to enjoy our daily activities and we remained busy in discussion we our friends. It was our quite remarkable achievement to spent time with our great buddies. It was really nice moments to spend and enjoy our meeting. We were asking about oyr life routines.

  • Paper Checking


After that I have to complete my students paper checking. The paper checking is quite difficult job. We have to do it honestly to make students realize their mistake. If you can see your mistake you can not succeed in your life. You have to learn from your mistake to do your work effectively. Everyone wants to achieve his desire goal. For this you have to work really hard, if you work repeatedly then you will be able to cover up your prevoius mistakes in a good way. So I spent my three hours in checking and making award list of my students class 10th Paper of Subject Mathematics.

  • Photography on Construction Work Analysis


After this, I have to look after the construction area of my house. I met with labours and the technicians to discuss about the current work situation about material and quality of building was the main subject under discussion.



It is my newly under construction house photography. Eceryone desires to live comfortable life. But this life is temporary. Our eternal life is after the day of Judgement. We have to prepare for that not for temporary life. Unfortunately, nobody thinks about it.

  • Meeting with respected Sir Muhammad Ahmad



  • Special Visit Gulshan Zafar Noor City Photography






  • Beauty of Gulshan Zafar Noor City





  • Visit to Watermelon Fields



  • Enjoying the Cool Water to lessen the Heat of Sun



  • Summary of Photography

It is my first post in this community Steem Future as a photography contest. I learned many key points about photography. The necessary points about photography are listed below:-

  • Good Camera
  • Good Focus
  • Appropriate time
  • Best time for Photography is clouds in the sky
  • Best Angle for capturing is the most important step in photography
  • Choice of Best Content for Photography

It is the end of my photography weekly contest post for this community steem future. I hope you will respond positively. All types of comments are necessary for better understanding.

Thank you so much!



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You have done a great job of photography. I really like your post

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Thank you so much for your appreciation!

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Your work is appreciable. You are doing extraordinary job .Keep it up.

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Thank you so much for your admiration.

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Welcome in photography contact
Your photography work really appreciate.
Thanks for participating in photography contact.
Best of luck
I hop you win this contract

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Thank you so much!

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Don't same link 2 time in same community

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