Misuse of Mathematics || Prove that: 1=2 || Mention where is misuse of Mathematics|| Basic Knowledge is compulsory||

How are dear friends?

I am fine. I hope you are all fine. I am professional Mathematician. I teach mathematics at school as well as college level. I always try to inspire and motivate students in learning mathematics. Students always take it difficult one. But, mathematics is so easy just do it carefully.


  • Prove that: 1=2

Today, I am going to share the basic knowledge of Mathematics through doing a mistake. You say that it is a tricky way. Fun always creates something new in our learning as well as our teaching. We have to do flexible as a teacher or a instructor or student. We have to listen every question and try to give answer more precisely.


In this post, I will tell you how can use you misuse Mathematics in your daily life. We have to focus on each step during our algorithm, calculation, theorem, definition or even as a lilltle example. But, we do mistakes intentionally or not knowningly. We have to justify each step. I have proved that 1=2. You have to revise it, and give the answer in a valid way. It is the basic knowkedge base question, technique or activity. I hope you will enjoy a lot.

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  • Zero to Infinity
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I am waiting anxiously for your reply about the misuse of Mathematics.
Thank you so much!

02.05.2021 17:36


Nice to read your post .

keep posting and stay with our community .

Thank you

03.05.2021 08:07

In the procedure you have a prohibited step in the real numbers. Division by zero.

2=(x-y)/(x-y)=0/0. Indetermination.

Therefore, this equality is not valid.

03.05.2021 22:15

Yes, exactly!

  • You are 100% correct and accurate.
    I wanted to realize the misuse by this little activity through amusment.
  • Well done۔
    Especially thanks to your key reply.
03.05.2021 23:21

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