Group work can produce great result

Assalam_o_Alaikum! Dear friends.
I am professional teacher, trainer and motivator. I try my best to instigate others by my positive deeds and skills.
Everyone does work. Everyone wants to get good results. But, some students couldn't produce good result after a long struggle. It usually depends upon the approach how would you mange to do great work by small steps. In this picture you can see all the participants are doing their work in group wise. A group can compete many other talented and brilliant competitors. Therefore there when you have a project you need to do it carefully with the team work and by pairing and sharing your views and giving others great advices and suggestions. In this group two students were extraordinary and others were average. I try to investigate the problem. The hectic problem was missing the communication and understanding each others in terms of personality and skills. I asked them to do this particular question by pairing and sharing. They did their task easily within the limitation of time. I was impressed by their group work abilities and characteristics. They are confident and appreciating to follow my order. It usually depends upon how would you acquire things and how would you see to get your best and desired output. It will taste a good and disciplined results. I think you understand very well my post and will try your best to revise your techniques and try to copy my technique positively. Thank you so much for reading and acquiring this particular post.

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