Factors of Pollution|| Air Pollution|| Noise Pollution||2nd Post in this Community||

How are you guys?
I am hopeful you guys will be ok. My name is Mohammad Rehman and I am new in this community. I have this second post in this group . In today's post, I will discuss which factors are affectin to our environment and we are suffering from many fatal diseases. First of all, what you need to do is how is the living environment around you and your routine. Then you people need to see what are the factors which are causing pollution in our environment.


What is Pollution?

Use of such a particle or mixer that creates a mess disturbance in the natural environment is called pollution. Pollution that we have a lot of categories.

Water Pollution

Noise Pollution

Air Pollution

Land Pollution

And many more

Today I will discuss the most commonly affecting our air is air Pollution.

You can see the smoke in this frame. The other side is natural environment. But the smoke is affecting our air badly. We breath in fresh air. We get in trouble to breath in impure air. We through many gasses in our environment knowningly and unknowningly. It is creating a bad effect and our natural air gets in trouble. The birds are decreasing due to impurity of air.

You can see the sources of water pollution affecting badly. In this activity you can get many key points and factors affecting our environment. We are getting in severe curcumstances harmful for our living things. We have to avoid these things to get better and better. We have to arange public seminars to inform and educate people not to do so. They have to follow proper directions and make proper use of this post for the betterment of their society.

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