Beauty of my Area || Cool water under Shady Trees||29-04-2021|| Hot Day||

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I hope you are all enjoying your life with the uncountable blessings of Almighty Allah. We have to make thankful every time for the uncountable blessings of Almighty Allah.
I am going to display some nice clicks of the natural view. Natural beauty always brings you towards satisfaction. It lesson the daily stress. It makes you to think under natural environment. We spend daily some time to enjoy nature. It will give you mental satisfaction.

  • Beautiful View of Nature


You can see this picture amazingly. The beauty of this picture is the nature. I always try to make natural view coming to light. It will show you the importance of nature in our daily life. Green fields and grass make more attraction in your attention. People come towards nature to enjoy it. I captured this beautiful scene with my the main camera of Vivo S1 about 2:30PM today. The weather was bit hot today as campared to yesterday. My friends came to me and requested to go outside to enjoy the natural beauty as well as cool water. I was little bit busy. They insisted on to day with me. It was definitely quite respectful miment for me to go and enjoy their company. Then, I made my program to go with them to enjoy the natural view and cool shade of green trees. We met there with my cousin Abdul Waheed laser operator. He was on his work. I asked about his health and work. He guided me and welcomed me to there. Then our journey was to search beautiful place where we can enjoy.

  • Cool water and fantastic scene


The water was very cool. It looks like cold bottle of sprite. We see around and the owner was excited to see us. He gave us permission to take bath there in cool water. It was definitely a great respect and fantastic opportunity for us to visit and enjoy the spell there. We entered in the pool and there water was very cool. The view was quite awesome and pleasant temperature was there. We were so excited and happy being there. Some people were noticing us. They were working there in the fields.

  • Beauiful and Precious Flowers at the edges of the way


We also saw some beautiful scenes of flowers. The weather was very hot. Therefore we could not spend anymore time there. That was the basic reason to return to home and end our tour. We enjoyed a lot there. Our mental stress of studies and responsiblities was gone for a while. We were enjoying our tour and mostly the company of our friends. We have to do a lot to make happy each other. Some people were asking us to go at home and take rest.
As a whole we enjoyed a lot there. We were not willing to at home. But we have to go and take rest. It is the end of my post of natural beauty.

What is yours?

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Your post is very impressive, you have presented it in the best way , photos you have attached are so natural and beautiful.

29.04.2021 13:00

Thank you so much for liking my post.

29.04.2021 13:24

nice post sir

29.04.2021 13:02

Thank you so much!

29.04.2021 13:25

Images are so beautiful.

29.04.2021 14:05

Thank you!

29.04.2021 15:15

سر آپ نے جو تصویر بنائی ہے بہت اچھی تصویریں بنائی ہے مجھے بہت پسند آئی ہے آپ نے جو پانی کی تصویر بنائی ہے مجھے بہت پسند آئی ہے آپ بہت اچھا کام کر رہے ہیں

30.04.2021 04:07

Thank you so much!

30.04.2021 04:29

The shady trees provide the place for rest. Such types of flowers provide pleasant view to the person.

30.04.2021 07:27