This Is Why Women Cheat — See What is Happening Behind the Scene

Before you get married (or even if you're married), read this to finally know what's happening behind the scene. This post is mandatory and you'll not regret reading it.

Do you know that every woman from age 12 to 29 is a researcher with a digger, a pen, and a paper (her brain)?

These women are digging for 16 things in a man and whoever has more important boxes checked is who she will love the most and will cheat if things don't work between her and him.

Men who don't qualify in most of these important categories are going to feel bad, but don't worry.

The 16 things women from age 12 to 29 are digging in a man in hierarchical order

  1. Cuteness/fitness
  2. Income ability/MITBank
  3. Black/chocolate/light skin
  4. Height/confidence
  5. Intelligence/smartness
  6. Humorous Talker | Boring Talker
  7. Age: Above | Moderate | Below
  8. Great Sex Always: Yes | No
  9. Emotional Connection: Yes | No
  10. Family Background History: Wow | Sorry —Status
  11. Crazy/Boring Adventure
  12. Character: Good | Manageable | Bad
  13. Marriage Ready | Not Ready
  14. Region / Religion
  15. Medical: Not Infected/Infected
  16. Genotype: AA | AS | SS | SC

All the things above = your personality/value/worth.

A woman from age 12 to 29 will forever keep sleeping around just to find a man that ticks the most important boxes on her checklist.

She will keep exploring behind your back even if you are her current boyfriend and you'll never ever find out.

What she is doing is what I call "researching." Some people call it próstitution.

To her, she isn't a hoe or a próstitute. She is just a researcher who is "secretly finding the best man" who ticks the most important 16 boxes. "I'm shopping for the best man for my unborn kids, so I'm not a hoe, but a happiness finder."

To a woman, the above is what she is saying deep down her, but others will call her a hoe or a gold digger.

Truly, she is digging for happiness in a man that ticks her imaginary/fantasy man (induced by some Cinderella movies she watched or romance novels she read as a kid).

This is why women have lots of secret boyfriends. Each of these men is holding a score sheet with 16 boxes and she is the only person with a pen to tick the boxes the men fit in based on what she wants in a man she will marry.

images - 2020-12-18T095256.571.jpeg


The higher a man scores on this mental score sheet she has in her mind, the more priority, love, and respect she'll give him compared to the men who scored low.

You, being the man with the highest point on her secret championship tournament, doesn't guarantee she won't keep exploring to see if she can find another man who will score more than you. If she does find, she's going to demote you to her option 2 man.

If you catch her in the process of giving this new man a trial match, you'll break up with her if you're a real man or demote her too in your own score sheet. For simps, they'll beg for her not to leave.

Both a man and a woman is using a secret mental score sheet to access a better suitor / mating partner. She demoted you because she found someone with a better score than you, she will also demote that new guy if she finds another with a better score.


At this stage, she is hoeing (the "HOE" stage), but if you tell her, she'll get upset and tell you she is searching for happiness and a good home for her unborn kids.

This is the stage most women are confused on what to do. To settle down with the current best scorer or to continue searching for Messi and Ronaldo in one body — the greatest/complete package.

She will make a decision to settle down at this stage if her family is pressuring her, her age mates are all getting married, or the current highest scorer is ready to get married right now — if not, she will leave and marry the current second best scorer on her list — assuming she is his own best scorer on his list.

Both of them are playing the same mental game even without knowing they are doing it since it's mental and emotional.

On her 29th birthday, she'll have an epiphany and cry because the man she ticked the most important boxes for isn't ready for marriage or he doesn't fancy her that much (she isn't the highest scorer on his list), but she fancies him and he is her highest scorer. This is when women usually say, "So, this is it? After 9 years of dating you, you're not yet ready? You're wicked."

No, he isn't wicked. On his checklist, you're not the highest scorer. It's not about years of dating, but ranking based on the list above which summarizes itself as emotional connection, value, and personality.

images - 2020-12-18T095337.500.jpeg

Before a lasting marriage will happen, even though both of you are ready; is that the two of you must be each other's highest scorer, else, there will be infidelity in the marriage in the future — period!

If you're her best scorer, but she isn't yours, the first person to cheat in the marriage is you, the man. If she catches you, she won't divorce you yet, but will start her secret hoeing all over again to research for a better happiness because you've hurt and broken her trust.

She will give most of her willing exes another chance while at the same time getting new catches as she starts scoring men all over again with a slightly different criteria or checklist this time around.

If her husband catches her, he may divorce her, but if he doesn't, she may accidentally bring in another man's child for the husband to father.

If DNA test gets carried out in the future and he isn't the owner of the child, the marriage will finally collapse and the man or woman may commit suicide.

The above is if the man scores the highest on the woman's list, but she isn't the highest on his list.

Inversely, if the woman is the highest on the man's list, but he isn't the highest on her list, the woman will be the first to cheat with the highest scorer on her list (secret after marriage).

She married her second, third, fifth or seventeenth options, so she will 100% cheat behind her husband one day, even if it takes years or at least, she I'll think of him when masturbating and one day, will want the real thing from him even if it's just once. And from once, it leads to more.

The day she'll have a huge misunderstanding with her husband and she's stressed out, she may pack her things and run to her parents so you can come plead before she comes back.

Within these period she ran to her mother's place, she feels like a divorced woman and can sleep with any man she wants. Freedom to research at last.

The first person she's going to call, visit, and sleep with while in her mother's place is the highest scorer on her list that wasn't ready to marry yet. By now, he may be married, but she'll still want to sleep with him because she has a better emotional connection with him. Emotion rules over women, not logic.

If the husband is a simp, he will go to the family to beg, but she'll act offended and will refuse to go back because she is currently re-exploring her highest scorer ex man she left for you because of family pressure to marry fast or anything that led her to marrying you and not her highest scorer who wasn't ready at the time.

This man (her highest scorer) also has his own 16 boxes he is ticking with all the women he is sleeping with.

She will sleep with him and ask him if he's now ready to settle down (assuming he is still single) and if yes, she is willing to divorce her husband just to get the happiness she has being searching for but missed by remarrying her ex highest scorer.

If he isn't ready or he doesn't like a divorced woman/single mom as a wife, he'll just sleep with her and turn her to his sex slave or another baby mama.

This lady will keep hunting for something better than her best ex she couldn't marry while sleeping with any ex that is ready to a good time. She is starting her scoreboard all over again, but this time, with desperation and amended checklist.

If she couldn't find, she'll listen to her estrange husband's plea and come back and her husband. Being a simp, will be the happiest man one Earth and will accept her back.

He'll start worshipping the ground she matches because he wouldn't want to offend her again even if he wasn't at fault in their previous fight. As a simp, he knows nothing about what is happening behind the scenes, so he will apologize since he is in the dark.

Any red pill man who hates women is is a goat. The job of red pill is only to open men's eyes from darkness caused by betas and the society, and not to hurt women.

Most marriages of nowadays will crash because two highest scorers aren't marrying each other frequently, but a highest scorer and a second or third are the one knotting the tie.

Someone like Mr. Eazi may not be the most handsome for you, but he may be the highest scorer for Temi, Otedola's daughter. At the same time, Temi may also be Mr. Eazi's highest scorer.

If they marry, there union will last because they are each other's highest scorer. Temi probably wants a slim, tall, silent but naughty, a humble/reserved black man, an introverted smart guy who is great it bed with a huge penis that can last as long as she wants in bed without getting tired and she found it in Mr. Eazi, the musician. They are emotionally in synch — assuming Mr. Eazi isn't playing game or playing along.

People may think "Temi deserves better," but let me ask you, "Do you know what is on her list? And do you know if Mr. Eazi ticks all her important boxes and he is the highest scorer ever since she started dating?"

So, don't judge people or choose a spouse for them by your own list. They have their list, so allow them choose their partners.

images - 2020-12-18T095149.677.jpeg

Temi's sister, DJ Cuppy, will be in a lot of men's list as their highest scorer, but she may be 5th on Anthony Joshua's list while a small 19 year old village girl Cuppy is even more beautiful and more exposed/learned than he met when he came to spend some time in Nigeria is his highest scorer on his list.

This innocent village girl may have another man as a highest scorer, but since she is still exploring/researching, she will hop on Joshua to see if she can get a new highest scorer.

If Joshua couldn't score higher than her current man on her checklist, she'll still date him him and want to marry him if he is ready because the other guy isn't ready. (One of the reasons Regina Daniels married Ned Woko.)

Unfortunately, she will cheat on Anthony Joshua in the future with her highest scorer ex boyfriend (the reason Ned had to do some native sacrifices to make sure Regina doesn't go back to her overall highest scorer ex boyfriend behind his back) as she tries to explore all over again while being the wife of a tall, handsome and rich celebrity. It's all about the score sheet and emotions. The emotional connection comes from the checklist.

The summary is: it doesn't matter how rich, tall, famous and handsome you are — as long as you're not her highest scorer, she will cheat on you no matter what.

If she can't physically find a way to cheat with her highest scorer while being Joshua's wife, she will secretly séx-chat with him and send him nûdes behind Joshua's back.

After the chat, she'll delete her chat history. This will keep going on until the day they'll finally meet and have the craziest and sweetest sex on Earth — the thing she has been missing from her highest scorer ex boyfriend.

So, the reason women cheat is caused by mismatched score sheet.

A light skinned woman who always loved a tall and dark skinned man will always cheat on her tall light skinned man who has a low score on her list with this fantasy "tall and dark skinned man" she had always wanted.

Nengi can cheat on Ozo with Prince or TrikyTee as long as they are ranked higher on her secret check list. It's not about how handsome Ozo is, but about fulfilling her Cinderella checklist she has had in your mind since she was a kid.

Oshiomole married a beautiful woman from a certain country and this woman was ranked high on his mental list, but does it mean he is ranked high on her list? I think not.

It's not always about money, but emotions. People will always betray their emotions and marry for money (blame it on greed and poverty), but when the emotion kicks in, they'll secretly want to explore with their ex highest scorer behind their rich spouse's back. Both men and women do this — especially women.

So, money can't buy the checklist or happiness — it can only rent it. When the rent is over and real emotion kicks in, you'll see the true color of the person.

Fact on people.jpeg

You merit it by your total personality/status based on her judgement of you compared to your competitors or you don't.

Any mismatch in position leads to cheating when the right person comes along.

Finally, women are re-searching for the highest scorer while men are searching for the highest scorer.

Take note of the word "re-searching" for woman and "searching" for men.

So, the reason women cheat more is because they aren't searching for sex, but re-searching for happiness and sex is part of the process for most women while money is for the rest.

Combination of both amazing sex and money is even better. Sex is sweet, but when there is money + suspense/adventure/taboo/secrecy, the sex is sweeter.

A woman will do anything to find happiness by researching.

She'll frolic with different men to find the highest scorer that will give her the highest happiness that will make her fantasy come through.

So, if you hear of a woman that cheats, know she is researching for happiness. When you hear of a man cheating, he is searching for satisfaction and pride.

If she cheats on you because of money, she is still researching for happiness because there is a financial problem making her unhappy and if she settles it with the money her vagina generated her, she will feel happy for accomplishing something.

You call it hoeing but she calls it researching for happiness. When your woman cheats, know that she isn't happy at something or you aren't her highest scorer.

Finally, a cheat is a cheat whether you're researching or searching.

So, the above is the reason most women cheat.

The solution for men to avoid getting a cheating women is to marry someone who you're her highest scorer and she's your highest scorer too, else, yawa go finally gas behind your back even if you claim to be an alpha male and you'll end up raising another man's child.

Alternatively, if you're a rich handsome man, you can escape cheating by marrying someone you consider ugly and shapeless.

This way, even when she tries to explore/research, the men she wants to sleep with won't be interested and she'll finally give up and stay faithful.

The end...

Someone asked: "So what happens when the woman crosses 29 years of age?"

My reply: Oh, I didn't talk about that part. At that stage, the 16 checklist flips upside down. She'll now be more after men that are ready to marry.

He came back and said: In other words, a woman's useful life ends once she clocks 30?

And my second reply is: No. Her useful life continues till she's old and dead. Only her youthful life ends at 30.

Those 30+ women that still slay and claim to be youthful are just deceiving themselves to boost their self-esteem and it isn't a bad thing.

He replied the third time by saying: I know a 40+ year old lady that still believes she's 16.

If you see the type of qualities she wants in a man, you will understand why some people love living with self delusion.

In every post you create, there is always a hater, so this second commenter said: All these epistle because of why women cheat?

Thinking like a businessman, I replied with: That epistle could be added 2 more epistles and turned to a book and by this time next year, that book can buy a car.

I doubt your brain can wrap around it. I know, to you, it's impossible. Fortunately for me, everything is possible.

He came back and said: Do you need to insult? I was just catching cruise — ( meaning he was just being mischievous). And by the way, I read everything and it was helpful.

Thank goodness it didn't turn to a fight.

I had to apologize by saying: No, I didn't insult or I didn't mean to insult. I wasn't feeling your vibe with that comment. My apologies.

He came back and said: I'm a fan of your content and keep it coming... We are learning.

Mr. Tony asked: Nice content, Sir, but will I be right if I say the summary of all you said is: female hypergamy + searching for her spec = why women cheat?

I replied him with:

Yes. That's 95% why. The other 5% is revenge triggered by the partner.

No matter how rich or handsome you are as a white man, if your pretty white wife's top item on her checklist is a dark black man from Africa — a body builder, she will cheat on you with him the day she'll go to Africa while pretending to go for tourism. It happens a lot in Kenya and South Africa.

It doesn't matter if the rich, tall, educated, and handsome white man paid for her trip and her expenses. She'll go to Africa and bang her dream man discreetly.

To the lady, she didn't cheat, she's just researching for a better "happiness." The one she currently has isn't her "ideal" happiness.

The same is also the case for black women. Pay her trip to Dubai to go shopping alone (even with her kids) for a week and she'll find a hotel filled with the type of foreign guys she loves or always fantasize about and pay to have them bang her while her kids are in a safe attraction center having fun. They won't know mommy is busy researching for happiness.

These men are top on her mental list, but she ended up marrying you, so she'll cheat the day she finds an opportunity without minding what two of you had labored for all these years.

In that state of mind, she's all about her happiness, not yours or the children. After she's done, she feels fulfilled.

When she returns, that's when she'll regain her senses and feel remorseful, but won't reveal what she did until the man finds out himself and she'll even deny why saying, "Baby, you don't trust me? How can I cheat on you?"

With concrete evidence of her act, she'll start crying and pleading for forgiveness and how she won't do it again. She'll even blame the Devil or alcohol. If you refuse to forgive, she'll threaten you with suicide or divorce.

Unfortunately, most men end up being the ones to commit the suicide after finding out what their wives did. They couldn't believe it.

Since there is always money, they thought they were all and all for her. My dear Mr. Man, it doesn't work that way in a woman's mind. It's all about her checklist and her happiness. Yours can go f*ck itself.

This is what is happening in the world today, but most men are living in the dark. If you try to tell them, they'll tell you to go make money and you'll get any woman you want and stop poke nosing.

Honestly, they are right, but the moment you don't fit in her checklist, money won't save you from being cheated by a woman.

In fact, being tall, educated, and handsome won't even save you. What does is both partners being the highest scorer of each person's checklist.

Mr. Tony replied again with:

Okay, will I be right if I say a woman's checklist reduces as she grows older?

For example: A woman at the age of 18 may have a checklist of marrying a rich man, but when she got to 28, she could not find a rich man. Why?

Because reality has hit her so hard — rich men are few so the chance of her getting a rich man is hard and now she is being pressurized to get married by her family.

Will I be right if I say reality of life can make a woman reduce her checklist from wanting a rich man to wanting a man that earns below her expectations per month?

So, if she reduces her checklist to that, it means a man with such salary per month will now be her checklist

Now, if after marriage, a rich man approaches her, will she still cheat on her husband with the rich man?

If yes, why? Because the rich man is no longer her spec, her new spec is now a man. So, why will she cheat on her husband when a rich man is no longer her spec?

And I replied with:

She will cheat with him. Why? Because dreams don't die — they can only be buried alive when there is no way to achieve them at the moment. If the ground accidentally opens, the dreams will rise again even at old age.

"Jesus rose again," is how women operate. Most times, it's not worth rising again, but most women will make an attempt to rise again.

This is why some 40+ year old women keep slaying. They are trying to rise again.

Mr. V said: I learned a lot from this post.

Mr. Dayo said: Wasted time! Meaning he didn't learn anything from it.

Mr. Stewart said: This is a very cool analysis. I love the article.

Mr. S said: Bravo! I love the writeup, but does that mean you should marry a woman that wooed you to avoid cheating in your marriage?

My reply is:

The one that wooed you has developed confidence and with that confidence, she'll still woo another person.

Yes, for wooing you, she loves you, but she probably has another guy she is planning to replace you with because that guy probably didn't fit all her important checklists or he used to fit, but not anymore.

She's hoping you'll fit in. With time, when she realizes you're just like everyone else, she flirts with another one and woos him. She is researching "looking for happiness" and it's not her fault.

If you keep up with her checklist and she also meets and keeps up to your checklist, then you've found a soulmate.

Now, two of you are perfect, but unfortunately, the Devil doesn't sleep for 24 hours per day when things are going right for people, so he will surely tempt one of you.

Can you handle the Devil? What about the lady? Can she? The spirit and the flesh work differently. This is where communication, understanding, and God come in.

That, my dear, is the hard part — SEXUAL CONTROL.

A woman is a researcher of happiness. A man is a conqueror of varieties.

Researchers love adventure. Conquerors love victory.

The more women a man sleeps with, the more victorious he feels and this is why men cheat.

The more adventures a woman has, the more she feels she's getting closer to choosing that man that encapsulates her checklist of happiness and this is why women cheat.

A man will marry the most beautiful woman, but he will secretly sleep with her wife's younger sister that isn't as beautiful as the wife. Why? He wants to conquer.

A woman will sleep with her husband's cleaner who isn't even as handsome and rich as her husband. Why? She is searching for happiness. Marrying a handsome, rich man, doesn't guarantee happiness.

A woman's happiness is not always about money — money is just part of it. It's about her checklist being intact till old age or at least, until she amends it. It's all about her emotions — not your rationale.

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