Hello World, if you are reaching on this web page than obviously you are belongs to online community and this is specially for you. So keep reading this article till the end which makes you more informed about what's going on into the online world and how you will get benefited with it ?

Since the world is becoming online user fiendly because it makes our life more easier than ever before. All our day to day life is dependent on the services we are using, they are all connected with the IOT (Internet of Things). And when we goes on that particular platform which fulfill our required online needs, whether it is emails, messaging and chats, transactions of money, web hosting services, gaming, online marketplace and so on, we provide our profile details there before using them.

Does we ever thought how much our data's are safe on traditional online service providers. Recently we have seen a big data theft and sold by a renowned organization in millions of dollar. Still the online service providers used to track our location and online behavior due to IP tracking system to map the individual's requirements, and according to that they send the advertisements to us to promote their products, that is called monetization of data. This has become a burning question, "How to save an individual's data into the online environment?" and transfer the power of monetization to end users to create a win win situation.

Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto, who recognized this long time back and introduced his creation of Bitcoin's whitepaper based on blockchain technology in 2009, which works on peer to peer basis, means to send a data to it's receiver without third party involvement by an encrypted form of cryptographic formula, which is only visible to the senders and recipients in a decentralized manner. That is all about Blockchain Technology.

But Bitcoin itself doesn't solve all the problems. It remains purely a crypto currency. Though it is surely opens a new door to implement blockchain technology into any services that we have now. So many new startups are in the process to launch their projects on it.

Here is the point that needs to be concentrate. There is an IT professionals called 1984 Group, who were also working on it since from 2013 and bringing a brilliant blockchain based software with all the features included that I have mentioned above called 'Utopia' a complete P2P Ecosystem for all your online needs. And the best part of it, you could make real money by monetizing your data with it's native coin Crypton.


Check out the basic features below:

  1. Decentralized, no single point of failure.
  2. Instant messaging, voice messaging and file transfer.
  3. Instant financial transactions, accounts cannot be blocked, funds cannot be confiscated.
  4. Anonymous and private. Communication cannot be intercepted and read by any 3rd party. User's physical locations cannot be determined.
  5. Mining. Ability to earn through mining without slowing down your computer.
  6. No censorship. Freedom of speech is the principal value of Utopia.


Everything is set to launch by end of 2019. Before that a short of test is going on to fix the bugs before launching. All are welcome to be a part of it and get paid in Bitcoin for your valuable time and efforts. Your feedback will be used to refine the product before its final release. Ultimately, your participation will bring a lot of value to all future Utopia users. You are leaving your mark in technology that will define the future of communication, and you will receive financial rewards for doing so. 

There is four ways to earn:

  1. Find the bugs.
  2. Demonstrate your ideas.
  3. Mining it's Crypton coin.
  4. Doing the promotional activities.

Conclusion: As I have found this is a classic example of blockchain utilization which will change the use case of internet in coming years. I am supporting this because it is going to provide all in one platform for all my online usages in a secure environment to safeguard my privacy. This is an actually a real freedom.

Here is the link to get started:


With Regards,
Manoj Kumar Ram

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