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The movement is fundamentally the displacement of a thing in the space, however, for the Greeks, the movement is any modification of the matter, a modification that, naturally, can also be that of its position in the space; for that reason, the current term closest to the Greek understanding of the movement is the term change.
Aristotle defines motion as the passage from potency to act, and, in a more technical way, "the act of that which is in potency, insofar as it is in potency".

The human body, in its composition of matter and energy, is not exempt from these principles. From the moment of our conception and until the day we are no longer physically alive we live in constant movement, even when we are asleep, our respiratory apparatus continues its process, causing movement, the blood flows, the cells that compose us are constantly moving.

In our daily life, we walk, we move our arms for different actions, our hands behave in multiple ways for the number of specific movements that our life needs, our eyeballs go from one side to another constantly, everything is a permanent movement.

It is really impressive, but we "don't see it" because it is a daily routine, a mechanism of our conscious brain not to be saturated with information. We cannot control, manipulate or manage the movement of other matter with which we are not connected or with which we have not established a manipulated link through energy, electricity, technology, etc.

For example, we are in front of a plant, only with our look or thought we cannot make it move, but if we connect our arm with one of its branches we can. We apply "force" in terms of Newton or link the energy that we do manage, to make it move, that its own matter and energy change.

Such a change could hurt it (break one of its branches) or we could move it and its vessel to space where it gets better sunlight, bringing benefits.

  • Understanding this so elementary we can become conscious and use the movement to manage the matter of our body and modify it if we wish.
  • In simpler words, this self-management is known as exercise (movement managed in intensity, rhythm, and time) and when it comes to changing our matter and energy I am not only referring to muscles such as biceps, abdominals, etc., I am also referring to the brain.
  • Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki states:

"Exercise is the action that can have the most impact on your brain today and the action that can have the most impact on its longevity in the future."

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