THE DAIRY GAME : (Better Life) What Activities did I do today?

13 April 2021
@ibrahim7869 from Bangladesh

The Diary Game :


Hello dear friends, today I wake up at 5 am like every day, after waking up I don't have my brush and I start brushing my teeth with some water mixed with some pepsodent in the brush, this time I go to our tubewell to wash my face and go there first hand and mouth. And wash my eyes, this time I perform ablution to perform Fajr prayers, after performing ablution I go to my room and perform Fajr prayers, after performing Fajr prayers I recite some prayers and finish prayers with munajat, this time I go for breakfast No preparation and like every day today I exercise with light water for about 15 minutes, go and I drink 3 glasses of water instead of breakfast today and exercise for 15 minutes, this time I bring bread and fry from the shop and with that I finish breakfast I do, then I go to work.

Flour bread + fried pulses



After breakfast I go to see our land and I come home from there because it is very sunny - then I bring flour and sugar from the shop to make today's recipe. I try every day to post one recipe from my account so today I make our homemade cake making recipe and prepare it to post to @steemitfoods community and I post it to that community in time.

Egg cake


In the afternoon I work online, take a bath, perform the Zuhr prayers, have lunch and sleep a little - I wake up at 4 pm, wash my hands and perform ablutions and go to the mosque to perform the Asr prayers. I come home early - I wash my hands and face, bring water to my room every day, bring water for dinner, then I go to the mosque for Maghrib prayers, after Maghrib prayers I come home and watch a TV to know the current situation in the country I do and at 8 o'clock I eat rice and go to bed again and by 9:30 pm I fall asleep using my mobile.

Fish + Tomato + fish eggs


Thanks @ibrahim7869

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13.04.2021 13:37

Very beautiful day @ibrahim7869

14.04.2021 04:16

awesome day.

22.04.2021 03:04