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One of the many memoirs written about the contribution of British expatriate Bengalis in the war of independence of Bangladesh is called 'Liberation War in Third Bengal.' The author of the book is Mahmud A. Rauf, a retired chartered accountant in London.

We have to devote ourselves to the help of the nation. One must forget one's individuality by becoming detached from greatness; To be lost. The interest of the nation will be the interest of the individual. The welfare of the nation will be the welfare of the individual.

"Everything seems impossible before it's done."



Want to hide age? Some foods are essential for men to stay healthy and retain their youth. Regularly eating these foods does not give the impression of age easily. As he gets older, his marks on his body start to appear. Not only the impression of age, the body tends to be weak. For those who are hereditarily lucky or who live a healthy life, age is not easily understood. The rate of metabolism has been declining since the age of forty. So food plays an important role in keeping the body fit at this time. Although it is difficult to keep track of the body's clock, certain foods can help prevent the effects of aging. According to Indian nutritionist Shilpa Aurora, there are some foods that are rich in phytonutrients. In addition, omega-3 fats, lycopene, vitamin C should be included in the regular diet to retain youth. Holds youth


If you exercise after eating one fruit every morning, the benefits are more. Weakness will be cut off from the body. Remember, fruit juice is given when breaking the fast. So, fruit on an empty stomach will never cause acid problems in your body. Instead of eating salad with food, try eating it shortly before and after a meal, the benefits are different.
However, remember, those who have problems with acidity, they do not eat fruit mixed with yogurt, salt or sugar. Do not drink water after eating fruit.

Another way to keep the body healthy is asana and pranayama. If we all practice some pranayama, we can avoid many diseases. This is because the right amount of oxygen provides the body with plenty of oxygen.
You also have to keep an eye on the food. Foods that will cause heartburn should be avoided. Reduce the amount of fish, meat, eggs, rice, bread, milk, fruits, vegetables should be eaten.
Remember, nothing is too good. Charak has said that hypnosis, over-waking, over-bathing, over-drinking, over-eating make the body sick. Therefore, moderate diet, moderate sleep and keeping the body free of waste are very important to stay healthy.

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